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There is plenty to see throughout the Hamilton area, but during the holiday season, Christmas lights are an attraction all on their own. Outdoor lighting is a great way to celebrate an event or season, but building up an attractive holiday light display is not always easy. Traditional string lights are a pain and installation often means getting up on a ladder or walking across roof lines, which are both dangerous. This year, ditch the risk and call a Gorilla for your Hamilton holiday light installation.

When the holidays roll around, planning and decorating are a big part of the fun of the season. It is when it comes time to put these plans into action that property owners are met with problems. From managing heights to finding the perfect products, decoding for the season is a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Gorillas have created an easy-to-use service that allows customers to browse products, choose their desired design and even purchase their lights directly from our technicians.

Seasonal House Lighting: Designing Your Ideal Display

When you don’t want your home or storefront to blend in to the crowd, we highly recommend choosing custom and unique designs. A unique design can help to showcase not only your personality, but the unique qualities of the holidays themselves. Basic outdoor Christmas lights often do not work for Chinese New Year celebrations, do not translate to Diwali lights and absolutely will not work for your Halloween lighting. Don’t get stuck with basic when you can showcase your space with dynamic designs.

Traditionally, holiday decor lighting comes in a small variety, with trim-coloured bulbs or warm whites. When you want to move away from outdated lighting styles, our Gorillas have more than a hundred options for lighting styles and products, as well as colour palettes. Each product is commercial grade and designed to be durable, even in cold temperatures and through rain, sun and snow.

Unlike standard, one-size-fits-all lighting, our Gorillas cut LED light strings to fit your space, eliminating unsightly overhang and dangling cords. Customizable accent lights can be made to fit wreaths and garlands, or to decorate hedges and plant life. Curtain lights can cover entire walls or drape over porches and patios, while festival lights (Edison bulbs) add a touch of vintage flair to any events. In addition to lighting up heights, our Gorillas provide a variety or landscape lighting as well, such as decorative spheres and flood lights.

Gorilla Property Services: Making Hanging Holiday Lights Easier Than Ever

For many property owners, Christmas light installation is the most difficult part of the season. Don’t let a seasonal chore weigh you down this year. Gorilla Property Services has created a service plan for properties that not only makes your installation efficient – it’s easier than ever!

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  • Purchase Your Lights Directly From Us
  • Make An Appointment For Your Installation

What could be easier than that? In addition to expert installation, our team of Gorillas offer removal services, as well. If you are not keen to leave your lights up all year long, call one our technicians to have them safely removed, following the season. When you are ready to break down Halloween decorations or remove Chinese New Year lighting, just call a technician to have lights removed without the threat of unnecessary damage.

Don’t bother spending your evenings and weekends struggling with light installation, when you can be enjoying the season instead! Learn about the Chinese zodiac throughout the Lunar New Year; carve your pumpkins for a great Halloween party, deck the halls at Christmas time and perfect your dances for Diwali, while out Gorillas take on the heavy lifting.

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