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No one does lights quite like Vegas. In a town known for its parties and celebrations, property owners want to keep up. As much as you might love the idea of a dazzling holiday light display, creating it is not always simple. Hiring a Gorilla for your Las Vegas holiday light installation, means vibrant lights with none of the effort. This holiday season, leave the decor lighting to the professionals, kick back and enjoy the celebration.

Las Vegas NV, is not known for frigid winters but that does not mean that property owners don’t want to break out the Christmas lights in time for the season. With so many tourists and residents from all over the world, homes and commercial properties are always ready to celebrate one event or another, and professional outdoor lighting services can help to take the pressure off of keeping up.

Holiday House Lighting Services: Simple Process with a Big Impact

No holiday decoration stands out quite like lights. A Christmas tree might help to add a bit of holiday cheer indoors, but outside is a completely different story. When you want the best for your holiday lights, Las Vegas Gorillas are ready to swing into action with a simple 4-step process:

Step One: Create Your Ideal Light Display. Every culture has their own traditions, and decorating styles are one of them. What works as Christmas lights will not fly as Halloween decorations, and neither of these will work as Chinese New Year lights. Instead of being stuck with basic light designs, our Gorillas provide design consultations to create designs that are completely unique and fitting with the occasion.

Step Two: Pick Your Products. After browsing our extensive catalogue of lighting styles and options, pick the ones that are right for you. Our Gorillas use high quality, commercial grade LED lights, made to withstand high heat and low temperatures alike.

Step Three: Book Your Installation. With reasons to celebrate all year long, there is never a bad time to call an expert for your lighting needs. Las Vegas Christmas light installation is our most popular call-out throughout December, but during October, there is high demand of Diwali lights, and Halloween lighting as well. Call ahead to have a Gorilla arrive on your doorstop with all of the necessary tools and safety resources to get great results, done safely.

Step Four: Expert Removal. In the same way that installation can be a dangerous process, so can removal. Stay off of that ladder and let a Gorilla handle the heavy lifting. When the season is over, just call an expert for expert removal, that protects your structures.

Why Call a Gorilla For Your Exterior Lighting

Christmas tree lights might add a twinkle to your living room, but when you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, our Gorillas have got you covered. A rope-lighted roof line is a great way to showcase the architecture of your space, and create a larger scale of decorations. At the ground level, landscape lighting can be decorative and functional. Flood lights can direct attention to decorations, while step lights can help guests, tenants and customers avoid slips and falls.

In addition to drawing attention to your home or storefront, a great light display can add a ton of curb appeal to your space. This appeal can help to market your property, or draw in foot traffic – so don’t let a great opportunity pass you by.

Gorilla technicians are fully insured, highly trained and ready to provide expert care to residential and commercial properties, all over the Las Vegas area. From full curtains to path lights, call a Gorilla today for your consultation.

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