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No matter the time of year, there is always something to celebrate! It is always fun to decorate interiors, but nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a vibrant light display. A few string lights on a porch are nice, but our Gorillas can help you light up the night. A professional Fort McMurray holiday light installation can help to create a show-stopping light show, with none of the effort for you!

Who doesn’t want to have the most attractive house on the block? From showcasing your home to helping your business stand out, outdoor lights can give your space a bit of personality. No matter how you look at it, hanging lights can be dangerous. Save yourself the risk of climbing up on a ladder, and the hassle of broken bulbs or damaged wires, by calling a Gorilla instead.

Light Installation Services: When to Call the Pros

For many property owners, preparing for the holidays begins weeks – or even months! – in advance. While you are planning big meals, budgeting for a Christmas tree or organizing a lion dance, lighting can fall to the wayside. A light show is integral to a bright and shining celebration, but getting them ready comes with a lot of risk.

More often than not, hanging outdoor house lighting means climbing up on a ladder or stepping foot on slippery roofing. All it takes is one misstep to cause serious injury. In addition to personal injury, an amateur approach can also lead to staples or nails being put through wires, or broken bulbs. There is nothing worse than getting through the process of hanging lights, only to notice broken or burnt out bulbs. Expert care means not having to worry about these issues. Gorilla clients get to sit back, relax and enjoy the light show!

With many holidays falling within the cold season, it is important to understand how to withstand the elements. Installing Christmas lights, for example can mean being outside in freezing temperatures, for hours on end. When you are in the market for Hanukkah or Christmas light installation, surfaces are extra slippery, due to ice formations.

For those holidays that take place in Fall, it can be difficult to contend with the elements. With heavy rain falls, falling organics like leaves, branches and full gutters, placing your Diwali lights or Halloween lighting can be incredibly difficult. There is never a bad time to call an expert to ensure safe installations and great results. Christmas might be synonymous with light shows, but our experts are ready at any time of year, accommodating the needs for Chinese New Year Lights, Lantern Festivals, Lunar New Year, Spring Festivals and more to suit the needs of the entire Fraser Valley.

Non-Permanent Holiday Decor Lighting

No one wants to look up in July and see holiday lights hanging from rafters, but this is the case for many property owners. As difficult as it might be to hang lights up, it is just as difficult to get them back down again. Instead of leaving bulbs dangling throughout the year, our Gorilla technicians offer installation and removal of LED lights.

With an already full schedule, Gorilla customers can rest assured that our team of highly-trained technicians are not your average light installation company. Calling on Gorilla means choosing your own light design, having light strips cut to fit your unique spaces, and having the advantage of discreet lighting options. Don’t ruin your home decor with outdated or broken bulbs. From landscape lighting to hanging holiday lights, don’t rely on good luck for great results, call a pro!

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured to protect your property, and our technicians. With years of experience behind us, our experts have seen and done it all, and are ready for anything! With top of the line safety equipment and impeccable techniques, no one gets better results than our Gorillas. Call today for your free quote.

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