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The holiday season is a time for friends, family and bringing good fortune into a new year. When you want to show off your festive spirit, vibrant light displays are a great way to do it. There is always a reason to celebrate, but hanging your lights is not one of them. When you want all the benefits of beautiful decor lighting, but can’t spare the time or energy to get the job done, call a Gorilla for your Vaughan holiday light installation services.

The holidays are not limited to single day events, but often last weeks, if not months! As early as October, store shelves are stocked with Halloween decorations and basic strings of Christmas lights. These products might catch eyes in the store, but they do not make much of an impact outdoors. When you want to light up the night within your community, our Gorillas help to design your ideal light display, install products and, we even sell lights!

The Benefits of Professional House Lighting

Homes and commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes. For single level structures, it is simple enough to add a bit of landscape lighting here and there, but even these efforts won’t get you far without the right technique. Hitting heights is even more complicated, usually involved the need for steady hands and multiple trips up and down a ladder. This opens the door for personal injury, as well we subpar results.

As fun as Halloween string lights might be, they do not suit every occasion. Spooky decor is not appropriate to use as Diwali decorations, despite the holidays occurring around the same time. Instead of settling for decorations that just aren’t quite right, design a display that is perfect for you.

Design: Every holiday has its own themes, traditions and colour palettes. With this in mind, basic warm whites won’t suit every occasion. Take a Lunar New Year, or Lantern festival, for example. These events often call for red and gold, while Diwali requires cobalt or deep blues. Working with a Gorilla to choose your lighting design means that you can choose designs from large to small, in a wide variety of colours.

Installation: As the calendar rolls toward your favourite light festival, more and more property owners are keen to plan their Christmas light installation – but planning is the fun part! Climbing a ladder with a tool box is not always a safe practice, particularly on frozen ground. Slippery surfaces and uneven steps are a recipe for disaster, but not for our Gorillas. Every member of the team arrives to homes or storefronts with stand-offs and ties, designed to keep your property safe and our technicians on their feet.

Great Visuals: Basic light sets are often not measured to your property, leaving overhang behind, as well as a collection of dangling cords. Choosing a Gorilla means securing lights in a strong way that eliminates dangling. Certain light products can even be cut to fit a desired area.

Products: When you want the best results for your Christmas, Holiday or celebratory light display, quality is always important. Purchasing light products directly from a Gorilla means access to LED light ropes, curtain lights, mini-lights, and even Edison bulbs to accommodate your spring festival.

Getting Great Results With Gorilla Property Services

Getting great results for your display is as simple as calling a Gorilla technician. Our team of highly trained, and fully insured staff are able to bring dazzling displays and peace of mind right to your front door. By offering expert installation and removal services, our Gorillas are able to set the stage for your celebration with Diwali lights, Halloween lighting, Chinese New Year lights and Landscape lighting.

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