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No matter the time of year, there is always something to celebrate. When you want to decorate for the festive season, prepare an outdoor space for a wedding or anniversary party, hang items for Halloween or ring in the Chinese New Year, a vibrant light display is always a great idea. Hiring a professional for your Aurora holiday light installation can help property owners create their ideal displays and make a big splash without any of the heavy lifting.

Putting up a Christmas tree or other indoor decor is simple enough, but hanging exterior lights is a much more complicated process. Properties in Aurora come in all shapes and sizes and that means installing lights and decorations can often mean having to navigate slippery roofing surfaces, standing on shifting ladders and struggling to detangle and repair broken light strings. Instead of struggling through the holiday season, call a Gorilla for all of your house lighting needs.

House Lighting For Any Occasion

Installing holiday lights in Aurora often means decorating homes, commercial spaces and structures from the ground, up. Christmas lights, for example, often involve putting standing decorations and lights across roofing. If a roof has any algae growth or sitting moisture, it can become incredibly slippery. One wrong step can lead to serious falls and serious injury. Professional Christmas light installation services combine industry experience with technical knowledge and top safety equipment to get great results every time.

Accent Lighting: Creating a beautiful Christmas light display often involves hanging string lights from gutters or roof lines. Traditional lighting designs might fit some properties, but exterior lighting is a great opportunity to showcase unique displays. Curtain lights are excellent options for Diwali lights and even Chinese New Year Lights. Large bursts of vibrant colour can draw crowds, entertain guests and provide an amazing backdrop for a lantern festival, lion dance, spring festival and any holiday celebration.

Landscape Lighting: Why spend all that time showcasing the upper levels of your property, while leaving the ground floor untouched? Flood lights can help to accentuate decorations, plant life or architecture. If you want to extend your Halloween lighting, flood lights can help to showcase specialty pieces. Following a cold snap, property owners might be dealing with snow fall that limits visibility for their lights. Path lights or decorative spheres can act as guides for friends or customers.

Gorilla Property Services: Custom Holiday Lighting Designs

Anyone can pop out to a department store to buy string of lights, or dig up boxes of decorations from a basement or crawlspace. Detangling traditional string lights can take a ton of time and effort, often resulting in frustration. There is nothing worse then spending hours out in the cold hanging lights only to plug them in and find that bulbs are broken or burnt out. Working with a Gorilla technician means having the options to not only customize your lighting designs, but purchase products directly, ensuring that every item is guaranteed to work.

Gorilla customers are able to work alongside technicians to create completely unique designs, catered to the personality of your structures. Once you have chosen your design, it is time to pick your products. Experienced technicians will help customers choose which products will work and where.

Once products are chosen and designs are finalized, our Gorillas get to work on installation practices! All lights are hung using specialized tools and techniques designed to protect properties without sacrificing impact. When you are finished with your holiday or Christmas decorating, just contact your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla technician for a safe and efficient removal service.

Instead of relying on good luck alone, our team of highly trained Gorillas are fully insured to protect properties, and our technicians. This means that Gorilla customers get great results, as well as peace of mind. Whether you are looking to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali or are just hoping to hang fairy lights for a personal celebration, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action.

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