Properties in British Columbia come in all sizes and styles, some of which are easier to maintain than others. Whether you are looking to clean up your private residence or are managing a multi-unit living space, a top to bottom clean is never out of reach with the right team behind you. From roofing to windows and graffiti removal, our Gorillas are ready and equipped for your South Burnaby property services.

Our locally owned and operated Gorilla Team proudly serves Greater Vancouver BC, for commercial properties, homes and even vacation rentals. Leave the heavy lifting to a professional, ensuring the best results, done safely. Property maintenance is not only complicated but it can also be a dangerous undertaking. Keep off of ladders and put away power tools without sacrificing results by calling a Gorilla today!

Leave Property Management to the Pros

When caring for your home, it is tempting to take property care into your own hands. Even if you  have experience in one area of property management services, does not mean that you are capable of handling a top to bottom cleaning service. Performing power washing, for example, is different than cleaning out gutters.

Pointing a power tool at a vulnerable material and pressure washing can lead to unexpected breakage, bald spots in stucco or even leaks or water damage. While certain practices can leave behind property damage, anything involving heights can result in personal injury. Strata management, for example, often means dealing with structures that are more than a single story, which means ladders. Wherever there is a ladder, there is a risk, so trust the pros!

Going Gorilla: Property Maintenance in South Burnaby BC

When it comes to managing a strata building, it is not only about looks, but about safety as well. Boosting curb appeal is great for the real estate industry but as a strata council or management company, the goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for tenants and guests.

More than being industry professionals with an excellent reputation, our Gorillas are committed to getting the best results for our community. From regularly scheduled care to emergency call outs, there is nothing that our experienced team can’t handle. Our fully insured staff provide not only excellent results and peace of mind, but great customer service as well.