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Property owners across the greater Moncton area are full of great decorating ideas for the holidays, most of which include vibrant light displays. It is easy to come up with an ideal lighting design but putting them into practice can be difficult – and dangerous without the right technique. Instead of settling on a basic design or risking personal injury, call a Gorilla for your Moncton holiday light installation instead.

Each holiday is marked with its own traditions, colour schemes and decorations, ranging from red lanterns to jack-o-lanterns, or Christmas trees. While indoor decor is great for some types of Diwali decorations and small accent lights, your outdoor lights require a bit more time, effort and energy. Calling an expert for your holiday or Christmas light installation means safe installation practices, unique designs and high quality products designed to stay bright through the season.

Professional House Lighting Services

The holiday season should be a time that is enjoyed with friends and family, but holiday decorating can get in the way! Hanging decor lighting can quickly eat up your evenings and weekends – unless you call a Gorilla, that is!

Great Designs: Basic Christmas or Halloween decorations can quickly lead to your property blending in with the rest of the block. Working with a Gorilla means being able to create a custom lighting design that caters to the unique nature of the holiday and of your property.

Purchase Products Directly From a Gorilla: Instead of bouncing from place to place in search of decorations, Gorilla clients can purchase their lighting products directly from our technicians. It is easy to find string lights at a dollar or department store, but these are often poor quality and are not guaranteed to work. LED light options on the other hand, are durable and designed to withstand low temperatures and temperamental weather.

Safe Installation: When it is time to install lights, the most common places to do so are along roof lines and peaks Reaching these areas can be a complicated process, which includes multiple trips up and down a ladder, or navigating slippery surfaces. Hiring a professional means access to top of the line safety equipment and expert technicians who know how to play it safe around your property. In addition to years of experience and technique, our Gorillas are fully insured to protect themselves and your property.

Going Gorilla: The Best Way to Hang Your Holiday Lights

After years of experience, our Gorillas know how to get great results at the ground level, or when we are sky-high, not only for your lighting needs, but for regular property care. You would reach out to have your gutters cleaned, so why not to have your holiday lights installed?

For landscape lighting, our experts are able to install path lights or flood lights to showcase decorations at eye level, while we have the necessary safety equipment to swing into action for your roofing and peaks, as well. When you are in the market for festival or mini-lights, curtain lights or even decorative spheres, our experts have got it all. Call today for a free estimate for your Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Halloween lighting and Christmas light installation.

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