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With the holiday season right around the corner, many property owners are beginning to think about how to decorate their home or business. It is easy enough to carve a pumpkin or erect a Christmas tree, but when it comes to managing an outdoor lighting display, things become much more complicated. From choosing the right colours, to testing light strings, hanging decorative lighting is a complicated and dangerous process – until you call the pros, that is! Professional Calgary holiday light installation services create dream displays for an occasion.

Throughout the year, there is always a reason to celebrate. For a religious holiday, to ringing in a New Year or even celebrating a change of season, the festivities never end. With so many reasons to celebrate, it can be difficult for property owners to keep up with decor. Having a Gorilla install your lights not only means great results, but it means a completely unique design, installed expertly, with safety as a top priority.

Beautiful Light Displays For Any Occassion

As early as October, you may begin to notice Christmas decorations lining shelves in stores. You might plan your Christmas light display in advance, but it is important to not overlook other events, such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and even Halloween. Many of these events are marked with specific traditions, such as a dragon dance or or a lantern festival. Finding specific Diwali lights to celebrate your Indian festival can be difficult – so why not create your own?

One of the best parts of choosing Gorilla Property Services for your exterior house lighting, is the ability to create a custom design for your home or storefront. Why settle for basic lighting options, or blend into the community, when you can create a display that really stands out. In order to create a fun and simple experience for our customers, Gorillas have simplified the light installation process, allowing clients to choose their design, pick their products and even purchase these items directly from a Gorilla technician.

Just visiting a department store means a limited selection of lighting options, that are usually poor quality and likely to break. This type of approach can also result in hours spent travelling from place to place in search of appropriate decorations. Take Halloween string lights, for example. These light strings might involve images of pumpkins of ghosts, often made of thin plastic, made brittle in cold weather and prone to cracking. Our Gorillas provide high quality, commercial grade LED light options, designed to withstand the weather and last for years.

In addition to showcasing bright lights from roof peaks or roof lines, our team of Gorilla experts are able to help showcase your property from the ground up. Landscape lighting such as flood or path lights can help to keep guests on their feet, guiding them directly to your front door, while adding a bit of shine to your home or work space.

Choosing Gorilla to Hang Your Holiday Lights

When you call Gorilla for your property services, you are sure to receive excellent results, great customer service and a completely unique designs. By creating a simplified process and competitive pricing, our Gorillas are able to service properties of any size and style. In order to ensure that your lights fit correctly, our Gorillas are able to measure and cut certain lighting styles to perfect fit the desired area, meaning no unsightly overhang or collection of hanging chords.

In addition to expert installation practices, our highly trained technicians provide removal services as well. This means when the season is over, property owners are not stuck with their hanging lights and are not responsible for climbing up a ladder to take them down. Taking a DIY approach to light installation or removal is dangerous to both your safety and to the overall condition of your property. Instead of taking a risk, get peace of mind with fully insured Gorilla services.

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