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In the Greater Victoria Area, there isn’t just one holiday season. There are reasons to celebrate at every time of year and there is no better way to decorate for a celebration than with bright and beautiful light displays. Installing lights can mean managing heights, slippery surfaces and using a variety of tools — and that doesn’t include untangling lights! Victoria holiday light installations help to create lasting memories, complete with custom lighting designs performed with top safety features and customer service.

No one wants to start the holiday season off by spending hours untangling and testing string lights. There is no better way to enjoy decorating for the holiday season than kicking back with a mug of hot chocolate and letting someone else handle hanging your lights. Whether you are decorating for Diwali festivals, ringing in the lunar new year, or area seeking out accent lights for a birthday or anniversary party, our Gorillas have got you covered!

Holiday Lighting: Knowing Your Options

In the past, homeowners have been stuck with limited options for home lighting. You don’t want to blend in with every other house on the block but that is exactly what will happen if you choose basic coloured bulbs. In addition to being restricted to available colours and styles, storing standard light strings is a real pain. Nothing can put a damper on the holiday spirit like spending hours untangling light strings, only to find out that many of the bulbs are burnt out or broken.

The most obvious areas for Christmas light installation is around roofing, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only place for house lighting. Path lights and landscape lighting can guide the way to your celebration, while decorative spheres are a great addition to Halloween lighting.

Instead of being stuck with standard lighting options, Gorilla Property Services offer custom lighting designs that cater to your festivities and your property type. Pick your own lighting types, designs, colour schemes and more with a bit of help from a local expert. In order to get the best results for our customers, Gorillas follow a step-by-step process to achieve your ideal design for any occasion.

Step 1: Create your ideal design

Step 2: Choose the right products to achieve your vision

Step 3: Pick your colour scheme

Step 4: Purchase your products right from a Gorilla technician

Step 5: Book an appointment for your installation

Gorilla Light Installation: Keeping Your Lights Festive and Bright

Strobe lights might signal a party inside but high quality LED lights are your best option for outdoor areas. Whether you want blanket lights to cover whole sides of a structure, Edison bulbs for a bit of character, fairy lights for whimsy for rope lights for the season, you can find it all with our Gorillas.

Reaching roofing, navigating extension cords and plugs, and securing lights are difficult processes all on their own and combining them together makes it even worse. With top of the line safety features, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can handle properties and structures of all sizes across Downtown Victoria, residential areas and surrounding areas.

When you want the best results for your holiday celebration, call a Gorilla for your Diwali lights, Chinese new year lights and paper lantern festival, set the stage for Christmas carols, Hanukkah parties and more.

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