The Greater Vancouver area is home to millions of people across a dozen cities and this means tons of homes and rental properties. Between managing the elements and dealing with man-made issues, regular property care can be tough. This is why there is a dedicated team of Gorillas handling the Coquitlam area. Homes and commercial spaces will never be left out in cold with Alex and his team of Gorillas nearby.

The Importance of Routine Care

Weather in British Columbia is anything but predictable. Sure, this west coast province is known for rainy days but property owners can also expect snow throughout winter and dry spells during summer months and each of these leave their mark. A bit of sitting dirt here to there might not seem like an issue but over time, debris can mean damage. Invasive growth, bird droppings and even graffiti all get worse over time. This is what makes routine cleanings and care so important.

At its surface, keeping a structure in working order seems simple but this just isn’t the case. Just wipe down windows? You won’t get the results that you need. Running a hand through gutters? Drainage systems won’t be as clean as can be. Neglecting these areas can mean breakage or water damage that means costly repairs or replacements. Don’t get stuck with a hefty bill when you can pass the heavy lifting onto a Gorilla. Property managers can say goodbye to frightening heights and gunky gutters by saying  “hello” to our team of highly trained experts.

Choosing Your Coquitlam Property Services

Everyone wants their home to look its best – especially if they are selling it! In the real estate market, curb appeal is everything. A once over with a soft washer can leave walls looking new again while higher pressure sprays can leave patios, decks, walkways and parking pads looking their best. This is great in theory but amateur services always mean trouble. DIY might as well stand for “Damage-It-Yourself”. Choosing professional Coquitlam property services means expert care, that is fully insured!

While it is possible to rent out power tools or hire on youths from the neighbourhood to clean your gutters, this won’t get the results that our Gorillas can. Proper tools and techniques leave your property looking great but they also extend the life of your expensive fixtures. The name of the game to our experts is “safety”, for both our staff, your structures and anyone that might just be walking on by. This means partnering with other firms such as FLOGUARD to keep waterways clean and using proper tie-offs to protect our apes.