Regina might be a flat terrain but it is a rugged environment! Residents might be ready for the cold of winter, heat of summer and the climate in-between but properties are not. As much as homes and commercial properties in the Regina area are built to be tough, they are up against a ton of environmental factors. Instead of letting the great outdoors beat up your home or workspace, call a Gorilla to keep you running smoothly.

Each Gorilla team is local to your area, so they understand better than anyone what property owners go through. It is impossible to understand how to get results for a proper snow removal and salting without having experienced it first-hand! Picking out tricky areas for accumulation like snow and debris takes an expert eye – and that is why we work with experts! Just because clutter and debris is not obvious to the eye does not mean that it isn’t piling up! Tricky areas like roofs and ducts are difficult to treat properly on your own. Dryer vent cleaning, roof cleaning and moss removal and gutter cleaning are all necessary but difficult aspects of home maintenance.

One of the most difficult parts of home maintenance is safety, not only for our staff but for your property as well! Rigorous training practices and loads of insurance make sure that no damage occurs to people or materials! Practices like gutter cleaning, pressure washing and even window cleaning have been known to result in breakage – but not with our Gorillas! Whether you need to remove organic discolouration or are in need of graffiti removal, just call in a Gorilla to restore your property professionally.