Managing properties around Winnipeg can be tough, but not with Gordon and the rest of his Gorilla team. Gordon is a committed member of the Gorilla family and can help you care for your home or commercial space from the ground and up. When you want a clear picture of how to properly care for your space, your friendly, neighbourhood Gorillas are ready to help. Due to constantly changing climates, Winnipeg properties are up against seasonal staining, organic debris and large dumps of snow. Cleaning out your eavestrough or brushing off your roof seems simple enough, but without the right equipment, they can be dangerous chores. Don’t take any chances when Gordon and his team are available for your window cleaning or gutter cleaning services. Your Winnipeg snow removal and salting can be a full-time job at the right time of year and that is time and energy that most property owners just don’t have. Our Gorillas are available all year to handle seasonal and one-time stains from unwanted growth, all the way to graffiti with our Winnipeg pressure washing service and our graffiti removal.