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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
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There is always something going on in Toronto. Being the cultural hub of central Canada means a constant trail of foot traffic for commercial spaces and visitors to home and strata properties. With all manner of traffic passing through, it is only expected that staining will occur. Staining and discolouration do not happen over night so it might take a long while to notice it but when you do, it will be all that you think about! If dirt and grime, rust stains and mildew stained exterior spaces are dragging down your property values, just call a Gorilla. Facelifts are not just for humans, so call our Gorillas when your property needs to be spruced up with a Toronto pressure washing service.

Why Bother With Power Washing Services

Most cleaning practices are carried out indoors, but that doesn’t mean that exterior cleaning services should be overlooked. Simply spraying down cleaner and wiping it away with a cloth might be able to handle household dust but exterior cleaning methods require a bit more technique. Ground in dirt cannot always be scrubbed away and that is where pressure washers come in! Outdoor areas like concrete, decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks and retaining walls are all subject to natural staining and invasive plant growth. While dirt might leave an unpleasant visual, material like moss and algae can cause damage to even the soundest of materials. Because concrete is a porous material, growths that retain moisture against its surfaces, help to weaken material and degrade it from the inside out. Regular power washing services creates an inviting space for foot traffic around businesses, as well as homes.

toronto pressure washing
Every surface needs a proper cleaning, but pressure washing is not always the answer. Pressure washers might get your driveway cleaner, but using these tools on delicate areas can lead to damage. These tools are not all fun and games and, in the right conditions, can cause serious damage to your property or your self. These machines run at a high enough pressure to break skin when used improperly. Different materials require different approaches to cleaning. Driveway cleaning, for example can be carried out with high-powered tools while siding requires the lighter touch of soft washing. Before approaching your property maintenance with the wrong tools for the job, call a Gorilla for a for all the information you need about exterior washing service in Toronto.

Toronto Pressure Washing: The Gorilla Process

It is easy to get caught up in the melée of active property maintenance companies that advertise online or around town. With constant competition, it is important for our Gorillas to set themselves apart with expert results and customer service. In the same way that gutter cleaning or window washing requires the right tools and technique, so do exterior cleaning services. The first step to a job well done is to apply a specialty cleaning solution and disinfectant. Combining these cleaners with a bit of muscle and a scrub brush eliminates surface stains. Once these discolourations are removed, a more clear picture of the source of staining is revealed. This can be taken care of with a power washer more often than not. You might not give much thought to the chemicals or bacteria that can be found on your walls but there are quite a few. Gorilla technicians are able to use eco-friendly cleansing solutions as well as drain guards to block any run-off from entering the storm drains around your space. Gorilla property services is committed to bringing clients the most ecologically conscious Toronto pressure washing service that we are able. Why take the risk of damaging your property when our Gorillas are fully trained and insured to perform your Toronto pressure washing.

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