Toronto Graffiti Removal

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  • Identify the tag (examine the substrate)
  • Flag off the area
  • Remove graffiti with eco-friendly solutions
  • Pressure wash the area clean
  • Apply anti graffiti topcoat to prevent against future tagging
  • Before and after photos – no damage to property, restore it to new

As one of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto has a developed a long-standing relationship with graffiti. While some of the most well-known artists to come out of the Greater Toronto Area began their careers as street artists, tags are a real problem for property owners. Chances are that if your property has been hit with an unwanted paint job, it isn’t the artwork of Elicser or Kwest. When you need to remove spray paint from your property, call a Gorilla for your Toronto graffiti removal services.

Reasons To Enlist A Professional To Remove Graffiti

The most obvious reason to get rid of street art around your property is aesthetics! Graffiti is called vandalism because it is unwanted and often offensive. Tags are minuscule line-work or designs that act as signatures for graffiti artists. There is constant competition between graffiti artists, so these tags act as targets, even in the most inconspicuous areas. Leaving one name to sit and stew against exterior surfaces only invites more problems. Leaving ugly or offensive graffiti to sit on your property invites competition and can alienate potential clients or visitors. In addition to driving away foot traffic, letting paint sit allows it to bake further into the façade of your property. You might be able to strip clean newly painted surfaces, but these stains only become more difficult to manage over time.

To get rid of graffiti is to understand the nature of both the materials and your property. In order to remove graffiti, stains need to be addressed at every level. It is not enough to apply a paint stripper to exterior stains, but proper technique is required to remove spray paint. Our graffiti removal specialists utilize everyday tools like pressure washers and rough bristle brushes to achieve optimal results for your Toronto graffiti removal.

toronto graffiti removal

Toronto Graffiti Removal: The Gorilla Method

Because Toronto is such a high traffic area tourist destination in Canada, there is a lot of pressure to keep communities clean. For government or city-run properties, removing graffiti is a matter of routine but a private property is tougher. Keeping unattached homes, commercial properties or strata properties graffiti free requires constant vigilance from a private source. While there might be an anti graffiti task force or two patrolling for government buildings, keeping a home or workplace graffiti free requires professional help. There are plenty of over the counter graffiti removal products claiming to remove graffiti but not every paint remover is created the same.

Some of the staining that graffiti can leave behind is stubborn, but our Gorillas are more so. Removing the most ground-in layers of paint might be difficult, but it is possible! While pressure washing seems like an obvious solution to graffiti vandalism, high pressure water can’t handle it all! Ditching paint comes in the form of both treatment and graffiti prevention. When paint is applied unevenly, it drips down surfaces, creating an even larger affected area. Spray paint also does not come out of the can in completely concentrated spray, but creates a mist around the initial design. This overspray is often neglected during removal but not by our Gorillas! Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions combined with high-end tools and training pave the way for expert removal of all elements of your graffiti problem. Not even a shadow is left behind!

Practice & Prevention

A quick approach to removal falls in line with graffiti prevention. It is impossible to stop street vandals from making your property into an unwitting canvas. Quick results, however, eliminate the issue of competition while stripping away stains before they have a chance to sink in. In addition to getting rid of stains quickly, our Gorillas apply an anti-graffiti coating at the end of every service. This coating cannot prevent new paint from being laid but it can make removal that much easier. When you are unlucky enough to have been hit with vandalism, our Toronto graffiti removal is here to help.

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