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Property in the Toronto area is highly sought-after. It can take years to find a space that fits your needs so when you do, you look after it. Most property owners do this through a fresh coat of paint or landscaping but rarely does a roof get the attention that it deserves. Whether you are dealing with clutter or moss, our Toronto roof cleaning and moss removal has you covered.

From a street view, even the most beautiful house can look unattractive with a cluttered roof. Leaves, sticks, debris and maybe even the odd baseball might be difficult to remove from your roof but they sure can say a lot when left behind. Instead of letting this clutter collect for one more day, call our Gorillas for your Toronto roof cleaning and moss removal services.

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Toronto Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Don’t Try This At Home

Climbing a ladder and pulling debris off of a roof seems like an easy enough job but we can assure you that it is not. If your roof has been collected debris and clutter for a while, chances are that you are going to find much more than just blow-off from neighbouring plants. In a climate like Toronto’s, moisture has a lot of opportunity! It clings to vehicles, windows, and of course, your roof. This moisture paves the way for moss growth along surfaces ad that means bad news for you! Taking that first step on your roof can be much more treacherous than you might think! Our Gorillas know all the problem areas of climbing up on a roof and that is why we operate using state of the art safety technology and always have insurance.

When you have a Gorilla on your roof, you can rest assured that roof clutter will be moved completely and not just thrown to the ground. Our Gorilla technicians are local to your area and know the pain that some property maintenance can cause. This is why we try to make things as easy on you as possible!

Getting The Job Done

Once our Gorillas are topside, the real fun can begin! After removing any sitting debris, our technicians inspect and assess the condition of your roof and check for the presence of moss. Moss might seem harmless but it is anything but! Moss thrives in moist environments and can grow and creep under shingles, pulling them up from decking and damaging the space underneath. Removing moss is a process all on its own and when in the wrong hands, can cause major damage to your residential or commercial property. When it comes to softened or delicate materials, trust the pros and call in a Gorilla!

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