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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and or by hand with squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
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toronto window cleaningPeople from all over the world flock to Canadian hubs like Toronto. This city, and it’s surrounding area is a centre for arts and culture, so it is no wonder that residents want to make the most out of it. Living and working in the city might have its set backs but it also has its advantages – namely the view! Sparkling clean windows can do a long way to helping take in the sights of the city, but they are tough to maintain! If dirty windows are obscuring your views of the 6ix, call Gorilla for your Toronto window cleaning needs.

Keeping Clear Views

Wind, rain, dust and dirt can all contribute to a less than suitable view but you don’t have to suffer any longer! Streak free windows might be the dream but they are not achieved through a bucket of soapy water or paper towels. A proper washing solution for your glass not only means an aesthetic improvement but protects the structural integrity as well. When thinking of damaged glass, the first thing to come to mind is an accidental crack or smashing but breakage is not always so reactive.

Dirty windows are not a good thing to have but damaged windows are even worse. Glass might seem firm on the outside but by nature, it is a porous material. This means that it absorbs whatever is on its surface. Dirt or dust sitting on surfaces can absorb into glass and degrade the material from the inside out. Compromised materials can lead to breaking or damage to the area around your window as well as drafts. As temperatures begin to drop in Toronto, something as simple as a draft or opening can become a big issue. Drafts bring down interior temperatures of your home, making you uncomfortable and forcing you to turn up the heat. This hits you right where it hurts – your wallet! So, what is the best way to preserve your comfort and your budget?

Toronto Window Cleaning: How Our Gorillas Work

Window washing on its own seems very straight forward, but there is a right and wrong way to do everything. A suggested cleaning solution might break down obvious stains, but the results are nowhere near a professional window cleaning service. Gorilla technicians are used to facing off against windows at ground level as well as heights. In order to achieve an expert, static-free result for your home or business, our Gorilla technicians perform your Toronto window cleaning with an eco-friendly cleansing agent as well as rubber tools. Sills and frames are cleaned as well as glass surfaces and clients are provided a full report of the condition of their space.

Far from being limited by fixtures like window screens, our Gorillas have all the tools for a well-rounded and full service result. Approaching glass with a microfiber cloth and spray bottle might remove obvious stains, but a lint free result requires a cleaning company that knows its way around a pane! The friction that come from scrubbing away at surfaces might give you a shock but it also attracts debris. This static cling pulls in airborne dust and lint, leaving windows looking dirty even after they have been cleaned. Gorillas might be known to swing from tree to tree but we have come up with better methods of cleaning harder to reach windows. By using water-fed poles, our technicians are able to reach windows up to four stories high.

If you are looking for a Toronto window cleaning service that meets your needs in and outside of the home, look no further than our Gorillas. Call today or book an appointment online and one of our experienced techs will “swing” on by for your free estimates.

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