Victoria Graffiti Removal

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  • Identify the tag (examine the substrate)
  • Flag off the area
  • Remove graffiti with eco-friendly solutions
  • Pressure wash the area clean
  • Before and after photos – no damage to property, restore it to new

Throughout the city of Victoria, cases of graffiti vandalism are on the rise. From unattached homes, storefronts, public areas and structures, graffiti is a real pain. In addition to looking terrible, graffiti is often offensive, drops property values and can ruin a sales day. The longer that spray paint is left to sit, the harder it is to remove, so don’t hesitate to call a Gorilla for your Victoria graffiti removal.

For property owners struggling to keep up with street artists in their area, it can feel like a losing battle. Street artists are consistent and competitive. If one tag is left to sit, it won’t take long for another one to spring up, and another, and another! Quick reactions to vandalism can let street artists know that their handy work won’t be up for long and they should find another canvas.

The Best Way to Clean Graffiti: Avoid a DIY Disaster

There are plenty of paint thinners and graffiti removal products on the market, but these often don’t get the right results. In fact, basic cleaners and an amateur technique can actually make stains worse or lead to other unexpected damage. Tossing lacquer thinner on a stain will loosen paint, allowing it to drip down, extending the stain.

Taking a heavy duty approach to graffiti removal can quickly lead to unexpected breakage. A pressure wash might seem like the fastest way to remove a graffiti tag but aiming high pressure sprays at vinyl siding can cause cracking. Spraying stucco leaves bald spots behind or creates openings for moisture to get in, leading to rot, mold and water damage.

It is easy to overlook a bit of graffiti here and there, but letting it sit can allow stains to bake further into the façade of properties. If stains are baked in, it becomes even more difficult to remove. This is true not only of main tags or designs, but the overspray around it as well. Directing attention to tags or designs themselves might get rid of the most obvious spray paint but overspray is then left behind. This means shadowing is left behind making your walls look grimy or discoloured.

When you want great results for your home or commercial property, ditch the pressure washer and call a Gorilla instead! You can’t reverse graffiti, but you can get your walls looking as good as new, in no time at all! When you are looking for effective graffiti removal, environmentally friendly practices, and accessible prices, just call your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas

Expert Graffiti Removal Services: The Gorilla Guarantee

Graffiti is a major pain for home and business owners, but our team of highly trained Gorillas are here to help! After years in the industry, we have seen every type of paint on every type of service, and we have created treatment plans that work. By creating a custom cleaning program that caters to the unique needs of your surfaces, our technicians are able to get the best results every time, without the threat of unexpected damage.

Many types of spray paint are now water soluble, but these still aren’t easy to remove. By creating a multi-step approach that addresses surface stains, as well as the root cause of discolourations, you get the best results, every time. Eco-conscious foam cleansers dig deep into surfaces, loosening surface stains that can be brushed away with soft bristle brushes. From there, next steps can be implemented to remove any remaining stains. With the option of adding an anti-graffiti coating, removing future graffiti becomes a quick and easy process.

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