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The city of Victoria is not known for its snow falls but when it hits — it hits! Heavy snow falls might create a winter wonderland but for property owners, it means slippery sidewalks and a ton of shovelling. Managing snow and ice around a single home is difficult enough but it is even harder around commercial spaces or larger, multi-unit properties. Instead of struggling to keep up with the season, call a Gorilla for your Victoria snow removal and salting services.

Homeowners and property managers are, in some ways, responsible for every individual that steps foot onto their property. From parking lots, walkways, yards and driveways, that is a lot of ground to cover! You might be able to shovel snow off of steps in a few minutes but when it comes to managing larger spaces, parking lots or dealing with mobility issues, it can take hours of hard labour to clear snow away. Basic shovels might be okay for small areas but when you are ready to call in reinforcements, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action.

Snow Clearing & Salting: More Than Meets the Eye

Anyone can push snow from one area to another or throw down a handful of salt but these basic procedures are not enough to get the right results. In a community environment, snow and ice management are a matter of public works but private properties are left out in the cold — literally!

Residential Snow Clearing: When the temperature dips and it is freezing outside, it is easy to bundle up and hide out indoors. If this is the case, there is likely snow piling up outside, The higher that snow piles, the more of a risk it becomes to yourself, friends, family, guests and even individuals just walking by. If walkways become impassable or difficult to navigate, it is not only a matter of inconvenience, it is a question of safety and a violation of by-laws. Failing to shovel snow from sidewalks can results in costly fines.

Commercial Snow Removal: For many business owners, there is a lot of ground to cover right outside your front door. Ice is a major point of concern around commercial properties, where high traffic makes the chance of a slip and fall that much greater. In order to keep customers on their feet, regular application of salt is necessary. Instead of tossing basic coarse salt down, rock and/or road salt should be strategically placed to create a safe and passable environment.

Following a large snow event, it can stick around for days or even weeks. If snow is left piled up against walls or around vulnerable areas, it can cause water damage and leaks as it melts. Even if snow melts throughout the day, it will refreeze overnight leaving ice patches behind.

Gorilla Snow Removal Services: Creating a Schedule That Works

The weather in Victoria can be unpredictable but our Gorillas have always got an eye on the skies. By monitoring incoming weather events and patterns, our team of experts are able to predict incoming snow falls and cold snaps. This makes it possible to plan treatment for priority routes, snow plowing and larger areas for commercial spaces.

Snow does not only fall during working hours and that is why our Gorillas offer emergency services around the clock. During the evening and late night hours, our experts use shovels to keep the noise down, while blowers and, in some cases snow plows, are used during the day.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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