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In Victoria BC, the leaves beginning to change creates a beautiful landscape but it also signals a real pain for property owners. It is easy to rake up leaves littering your yard but when it comes to the heights of your home or workspace, clutter is harder to spot. If roof clutter is left to sit over long periods, it creates an ideal space for moss, algae and mold to form, and can cause damage to roofing materials. Instead of learning to live with a cluttered roof, call a Gorilla technician for your Victoria roof cleaning and moss removal.

As a property owner, you wouldn’t hesitate to call roofing contractors to install a new roof or repair an ailing one. A reputable roofing company will get great results initially but they don’t help you maintain your roof. Over time, leaves, sticks, seed pods, needles, and other organic debris will fall onto roof surfaces. These materials collect over time, becoming damp, rotting and creating an ideal space for invasive growth and even pests. Removing clutter, debris buildup and even moss is as simple as making one call to your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas.

How Regular Roof Cleaning Benefits Your Space

It is easy to overlook roofing during the course of a busy day but when there is moss on your roof, it becomes hard to ignore. In addition to dragging down curb appeal, sitting moss can lead to softened surfaces and weakened materials that can be easily damaged or pulled-away with the wrong technique.

Decluttering Surfaces: The most common culprits for clutter across roof surfaces are organics. A changing of the seasons or a heavy wind can dislodge items from surrounding plant life, letting unwanted items fall onto rooftops. As roofing becomes increasingly covered, it will begin to look worse and worse. When exposed to moisture, sitting items will rot and bacteria will begin to grow and thrive, creating an unsanitary space.

Moss Removal: Moss might lend a rustic look to properties but they also present a danger to the overall condition of your property. The longer that it is allowed to sit, the further moss will spread, even weaving underneath and around shingles, pulling them up and softening the decking underneath. Depending on area surrounding your property, it can feel impossible to keep surfaces moss free but routine roof demossing can help.

Taking a heavy-handed approach to roof moss removal and clearing can have a serious impact on the overall condition of your structures. Pressure washing might seem like a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution but high pressure sprays will blast away protective coatings, as well as softened materials. Metal scrapers or hard bristle brushes will have the same effect. Instead of taking your roof maintenance into your own hands, pass it over to an experienced roof cleaning company like Gorilla Property Services.

Gorilla Roof Cleaning Services: Our Experts Swing Into Action

When you are looking for the best in exterior roof cleaning, Victoria residents don’t have to look far! With a Gorilla crew hard at work in the Victoria area, all it takes is one phone call to have your roof free of clutter and moss. Unlike the standard moss removal service, Gorilla technicians create a treatment plan that caters to the unique needs of your property and construction materials. Instead of just sweeping clutter and pushing it off of roofing, our technicians are careful to collect unwanted materials, bag and dispose of them in a responsible way. Once roof surfaces are clear and visible, it is time to start the moss removal process.

In addition to speciality tools, Gorillas arrive on-scene with top of the line safety features. Appropriate safety features keep our technicians safe and provide peace of mind to property owners. Call today for your free quote.

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