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There are four things to keep in mind when considering Victoria roof cleaning and moss removal. Moisture, shade, trees and debris, all have roles to play against your property. Victoria is an opportune place to breed all of these factors together in a perfect storm of moss and clutter.

The rainy climate and heavily forested nature of Victoria give off plenty of shade, preventing the moist climate from drying. As debris falls off of trees and other plants, it finds its way into gutters and on rooftops. This debris keeps moisture and can cause growth of algae and moss on the surface of the roof. This can later cause structural damage to your home or business.

If handled incorrectly, attempts at cleaning your roof may cause further damage than the environmental factors. Strong cleaning liquids can strip away protective layers from shingles and roofing materials while scraping can damage the shingles themselves. Pressure washing may seem like a good alternative to hiring our Gorillas but can, cause a big headache.

Victoria Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Happy Homes, Happy Communities

In a Cross-Canada survey, residents of Victoria registered as the happiest in Canada, with the greatest level of satisfaction with their city. It is no doubt that Victorians are proud of their city and will do whatever they can to keep it beautiful and neat and taking care of homes and businesses is the first step toward beautifying this historical city. Removing debris from the roof of your home or business is a quick and easy way to add sidewalk appeal to those passers-by as well as giving your home the confidence boost that it needs.

As a member of Worksafe BC, you can trust the Gorillas at Victoria Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal to get the job done safely and effectively.

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