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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
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A little bit of elbow grease may seem like the right way to get rid of stubborn stains but when it comes to your home’s exterior, too much force can lead to a lot of damage. Throughout Victoria BC, homes and structures have a lot of character and are made up of many different materials. In the case of heritage homes, high pressure sprays can cause costly damage, while specialized materials like wood siding or even stucco can be left looking awful. Instead of taking a risk with power washing, opt for a more gentle approach. Victoria soft washing services offer a more gentle approach without sacrificing results.

Soft Washing VS Pressure Washing: The Right Technique For Your Unique Space

Power washers are useful tools when used properly, but an amateur approach can cause widespread damage across exteriors. The easiest way to prevent damage during the house washing process is to fully inspect surfaces and surrounding areas, choosing the best option for you.

Pressure Washers: utilizes high pressure water sprays to blast away stubborn stains. These are best used on more durable, more flat surfaces like concrete. Wooden fences, planks or decking may also be treated with higher water pressure but these methods can strip away paint. During the course of exterior cleaning, you will come across vulnerable construction materials that cannot withstand high pressure sprays. In the case of vinyl siding, for example, pressurized sprays can cause breakage. Cracked siding can allow water to reach into vulnerable areas, leading to water damage, rot and mold.

Soft Washers: use lower water pressure to treat highly textured areas, as well as sensitive materials. In the case of stucco, for example, cleaning surfaces will create a superficial improvement but if you do not reach into cracks and textures, there will always be a bit of discolouration behind. Soft washing is very effective in these cases, as it uses low pressure sprays to transport specialized cleaners deep into textures, remove dirt, debris and buildup.

Soft washing doesn’t just benefit exteriors at the ground level but can benefit other areas, like roofing as well. During the course of moss removal, it is important to remember that the structures underneath this growth will be softened and weakened. Any attempt at pressure cleaning these areas can result in blasting away softened materials, leading to water damage and expensive repair bills. A gentle approach can remove the moss without tearing roofing to pieces.

In addition to getting great results, properly performed soft washing treatments last longer! Exterior washing takes time and effort and no one wants to finish a cleaning, only to have surfaces looking dirty again right away. Because soft washing digs into textures, the results last up to 7 times longer on these complex surfaces then standard power washing services.

Gorilla Property Services: Not Your Average Cleaning Company

When you are looking to protect the condition of your property, prolong the lifespan of construction materials and boost your curb appeal, no one gets better results than our Gorillas. By offering both residential and commercial cleaning services, our team of highly trained and experienced Gorillas are able to service properties of all shapes and sizes. By combining speciality cleansers with top techniques, Gorillas create a clean slate and a top to bottom clean. Call an expert for a free estimate and get the ball rolling on your exterior cleaning, today.

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