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For homes and businesses across Victoria BC, curb appeal is important. Whether you are looking to add value to your home or draw in a bit of foot traffic, a clean and inviting exterior can help! Throughout the year, the exterior surfaces of your property are at the mercy of the elements and that means stains, discolourations, salt lines, algae and even weakening or breakage. When you want to get rid of stubborn stains, remove dirt and have properties looking better than ever, call a Gorilla for your Victoria pressure washing.

On the surface, firing up a power washer seems like the ultimate cleaning solution for outdoor spaces, but in the wrong hands, these can mean trouble! Without technical knowledge, experience and specialty tools, high pressure sprays can cause widespread damage to walls, surfaces and surrounding areas. Instead of settling for subpar results or risking damage, call an expert for your next pressure washing service.

Pressure Washing: How to Get Great Results

Unlike basic cleaners and sprays indoors, exterior cleaning requires a different set of techniques and tools to get rid of ground-in stains. Outdoor construction materials are built to be tough but they are more vulnerable than you might think. Whenever power tools are involved, it does not take much for a deep cleaning to turn into a disaster.

The most common construction materials to find around home exteriors in Victoria are vinyl siding and stucco on walls, as well as wood fences and concrete patios. Aiming a pressure washer at vinyl siding will cause cracking, while using it on stucco leaves bald patches behind. Harder surfaces like concrete and wood are better candidates for higher pressure sprays.

Not all power tools and wash techniques are appropriate for all construction materials. In order to choose the best option, it is important to understand exactly what you are working with. For example, heavily stained concrete will benefit from higher pressure sprays from gas models, while electric pressure washers are best for more vulnerable surfaces.

Pressurized water is only one aspect of an exterior clean. The best results come from a multi-step process that treats surfaces, removes surface dirt and stains, and makes it possible to remove the cause of a stain instead of just the symptom. Construction materials are treated to withstand the elements, usually with a type of protective coating. In order to keep up with the damp and moisture on Vancouver Island, these coatings and outer layers are incredibly important to protecting homes and structures. Pressurized water can wear away at these coatings, leaving your homes or workspaces exposed to potential damage.

Gorilla Power Washing Services: Safe & Effective Exterior Pressure Washing

Exterior stains have a major impact on the visual appeal of any property. Luckily, our Gorillas are roaming the Greater Victoria area, providing expert in-depth cleanings for homes and commercial spaces. Instead of just locating stains and pulling the trigger, our team of Gorilla technicians create customer treatment plans according to the unique needs of your property and surrounding areas.

Surrounding areas are inspected and blocked off where necessary to protect water contamination. From there, specialized foaming Gorilla cleansers are applied to stains in order to loosen surface dirt, as well as drawing out dirt and debris from inside textures for a much cleaner picture. Pressurized water sprays can then be used to wash away stains and discolourations. Catering sprays to the condition of materials means our Gorillas avoid unnecessary damage.

Exterior cleaning services don’t stop at walls alone! When you want your property looking its best, consider bundling your pressure washing with window cleaning or moss removal and gutter cleaning services.

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