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With so many sky-high properties in the Las Vegas areas, roofing is a regular sight. The higher up you go, the more obvious it becomes that roofs in the area are in need of a little TLC. Standard clutter can happen over a matter of weeks but if left for long periods, your home can become blanketed in debris. This both looks terrible and can mean major damage and high costs for home repairs. Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and a cluttered roof and say hello to a Gorilla and our Las Vegas roof cleaning and moss removal services.

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

A bit of debris here or there seems common enough, especially during the spring and fall months. Everyone loves watching the leaves change but these occurrences also pose serious threats for property owners. Organics are designed to hold onto moisture – after all, they do need water to survive – and that is what makes them dangerous. When exposed to prolonged moisture, roof shingles and roofing materials become bent out of shape. As this happens, water is able to sneak in, making way for moss growth and any moss growth, is a moss problem! Routine roof cleaning services work to remove dead and unwanted debris but can also prevent moss from taking hold on your space.

Removing moss from the roof of your home is not only difficult – it is dangerous! Leaning a ladder up against exterior walls is unsafe but it has always been the traditional way to gain access to a roof. Moss creates slippery surfaces, so even if you do reach the top, that doesn’t mean that you are out of the woods! If gaining access is this tough, just imagine how difficult it is to get results. A couple gallons of water, some chlorine bleach and a scrub brush are not enough to get any real results. Depending on the type of roof you are dealing with, more heavy handed approaches, like wire brushes, might be used. Too much pressure and these tools pull away at protective coatings and can even put holes in decking. Attempting to kill the moss that is present by using chemical moss killers and a round of pressure washing can also mean lots of damage and even roof repairs.

Going Gorilla for Roof Cleaning in Las Vegas

Our Gorilla technicians don’t waste any time when they arrive at a job site. First things first, safety equipment is set up, properties are inspected and our specialists start climbing! Instead of simply brushing clutter off of roofing and into the yard, there is no mess left behind with our services. Once debris is dealt with, Gorillas inspect areas, making sure that there is no moss growing underfoot. If moss is present, a plan of attack is created. Basic moss and algae killers just aren’t enough for our dedicated staff, so they rely on eco-friendly disinfecting cleansers to get surfaces looking their best. Because our experts are so proud of their work, clients can count on before and after photos. There is nothing more satisfying than showing off a job well done to happy clients.

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