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When booking a trip to Las Vegas, or even settling down, snow is hardly the first thing to come to mind. It can be easy to get distracted by bright lights and fun activities but when snow does hit, it can’t be ignored. Over time, global weather patterns are becoming more and more unpredictable so it is important to be ready for anything. Even a light dusting can bring the city to a halt but our Gorillas can keep you from being stuck. Our Las Vegas snow removal and salting helps property owners rest easy by handling the heavy lifting for them.

Navigating Winter In Nevada

During summer months, when temperatures are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is tough to imagine it being cold enough for snow. The coldest days of the year often occur in December, dipping down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and this is when snow falls are most common. The Las Vegas area sees dustings of snow every couple years but anything more than an inch or two are seldom. These snow falls are only made possible by drops in temperature, which also makes way for ice formation. If you aren’t used to these particular tasks, professional snow clearing is for you. No matter what symptoms you are seeing across your property, our Gorillas are available to help navigate through ice formations and everything from a single flake to inches of snow.

It is easy enough to push snow off of a balcony or patio but larger spaces mean more in-depth snow and ice removal. Snow shovels can only get you so far. There are several reasons to keep the walkways around your home clear. Safety is always a major concern for property owners. Leaving heavy snow to sit on personal and public sidewalks invites slips and falls – especially for those with limited mobility. This can be a nuisance for residents using walkers or wheelchairs and can even mean a breach of by-laws resulting in fines. In addition to personal safety concerns, improper snow removal services can mean property damage. If those flakes pile up against exterior walls, water damage is possible as it begins to melt. Instead of spending the first days of spring on home improvements or repair projects, have a Gorilla care for your space throughout the winter.

The Key To Proper Snow Removal Services

Temperatures fluctuate and can be unpredictable, which can mean nasty surprises for property owners. When you choose our Gorillas as your regular service contractors, you get the peace of mind that our experts are always watching the skies. By keeping an eye on incoming storm fronts and weather patterns, nothing sneaks up on a Gorilla. This sort of vigilance benefits homes, strata and co-op properties, as well as small businesses. In order to keep up with demand, our experts are available for emergency call outs 24 hours a day. Instead of just hoping for the best, give visitors and clients the safest experience with the right tools and training. Snow blowers and snow plows are able to handle any space, at any time. Customer service is always a top priority for our Gorillas, so feel free to call in with any questions you might have, or to get a free estimate for your services.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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