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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

There is a lot to see within the Las Vegas area. Bright lights and a gorgeous landscape are enough to make residents and visitors pay attention. This is great but becomes harder through stained windows. Throughout the year, your property has a lot to put up with. Beating sun, unpredictable rains and strong winds put a lot of strain on your windows. Stained or dirty glass send the wrong message about your work or living space, as well as drives up daily costs. Don’t lose money on utility bills or unnecessary replacements when a professional Las Vegas window cleaning is always within reach.

What You Might Not Know About Window Cleaning

Dirty windows might restrict natural light in indoor spaces but in the bigger picture, they have a much greater impact than that. Glass surfaces feel hard but they are more vulnerable than you think – and not just to accidental breakage! When unwanted dust, dirt or debris sit on panes over long periods, these unwanted materials seep down into pores. Yes, that’s right – glass has pores! As foreign items find their way into the internal areas of windows, they begin to weaken the surrounding area. A weakened version of an already delicate material can only spell trouble and that is what makes proper window washing so important.

There are plenty of reasons that Las Vegas property owners might outsource this particular chore to a professional, the most obvious being safety and results. Getting clean windows requires more than a a bit of soapy water and microfiber cloths. An expert window cleaning service, like the one at Gorilla means a sparkling clean from top to bottom. The wrong technique can mean subpar results, or even damage. Spray bottles, basic glass cleaners and paper towel are a classic combo. This team gives off a superficial shine but the friction of wiping creates static cling that draws debris right back. This back and forth motion doesn’t often tackle all the angles and corners that you need it to. If dirt or buildup is pressed into corners, it sits and degrades one concentrated area more than a uniform space.

Picture Perfect Window Cleaning in Las Vegas

Getting the best results for our clients is the main goal of our Gorillas, but it doesn’t come without the proper know-how. Instead of only worrying about panes, our experts focus on window frames and sills as well. Trying to contend with tricky areas like window screens can limit accessibility, leaving streaks or water spots behind. Heights are also a big issue for many property owners, especially those with limited mobility. Balancing a ladder against a house is dangerous enough but without proper tie-offs, it is just a silly idea. Many property owners have tried to get creative with how they reach these heights, only to have it end poorly. Aiming a pressure washing nozzle up toward windows wastes more than a gallon of water and can lead to breakage. Leave the tough stuff to professional Las Vegas window cleaners.

Gorillas get the job done using specialty tools and techniques. Something as simple as switching from average cleaners to rubber squeegees can mean a world of difference. For those windows that are higher up, water-fed poles clean not only glass but frames and sills as well. By giving these surrounding areas a bit of attention, it is possible to point out problem areas. When normal wear and tear makes way for drafts and water damage, our Gorillas can let you know!

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