Hitting Heights This Spring

Now that snow has begun to melt away, the surfaces around your property are starting to show. Things that have been covered up or buried for the last few months are finally seeing the light of day – and they are not always a great sight. Green grass is always welcome but seeing green across your rooftop is a real problem. If you find yourself dealing with unwanted growth, have a Gorilla help with a roof cleaning and moss removal service.

What Moss Means For You

Roof clutter does not look great, even at the best of times. In addition to looking terrible, organic clutter holds on to moisture. This moisture paves the way for unwanted growth; moss in particular! When moss begins to take root on your roof, there are nothing but problems to follow. Moss spreads around shingling, damaging materials as it goes. At its best, your roof can withstand a lot from the outside elements but when materials are softened or damaged, a roof can’t do its job.

Available For Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep moss and roof clutter at bay is to make your roof cleaning and moss removal, a routine operation. Twice annual maintenance limits growth and makes a healthy lifespan for your roof. Not every property will have the same rate of growth. Shade, surrounding plant life and climate all play a role in the condition of your roof. If you are unable to make the climb for decluttering, just have a Gorilla handle it for you.

Spring Graffiti Removal

As spring is beginning to peak out from behind winter’s shadow, everyone is keen to get outside. The nights might still be chilly but that does not deter graffiti artists from hitting the streets. Problems with spray paints are not seasonal and can pop up at any given time! You might go to bed with clean walls or windows, only to wake up and find an unwanted design.

Your home or storefront might have kept you warm throughout winter, and now it is time to return the favour with our graffiti removal services.

Spray paints are easy to come across. There is hardly a department or hardware store around that does not sell aerosol paints in one way or another. These tools are easy to transport, light to carry and a real problem for property owners. Since we can’t get rid of spray paint as a whole, we need to learn how to deal with them! Over the years, our Gorillas have dealt with all every sort of paint type on every sort of exterior and developed a plan to handle them all.

When you are in need of graffiti removal, the key to success is having the right team in your corner. Over the years, our Gorillas have developed a multi-step process to get rid of graffiti on any surface. By combining Gorilla Foaming Cleansers, elbow grease and a bit of creativity, our Gorillas are always working to keep our community clean. Don’t spend another day advertising any unwanted designs when our graffiti removal services can have your home or storefront looking great in no time at all! Call today to book an appointment with one of our Gorillas.

Go-Getters On Gutters

Moisture is a real problem for Canadian property owners. Your roof and walls might do a good job keeping it out but it leaves them worse for the wear. When it comes to combatting rainy weather, the most valuable tool that you have in your arsenal is your gutter system. Whether you call it a gutter or an eavestrough, the perimeter drain system running along your roof is vital to the smooth running of your property. As important as these fixtures might be, they are difficult to keep clean. Instead of struggling with slow draining or impassable gutters, call a Gorilla for your gutter cleaning service.

Over the course of the year, all different types of debris fall to the surface of your roof. Most roof shapes are designed to let this clutter roll off of surfaces, but this often means that it is also directed right into your gutter system. With both opened and unopened areas, your eavestrough collects seed pods, needles, leaves, sticks and even pests. This creates blockages in reachable and unreachable areas that just cannot be removed by hand.
When it comes to conquering your clogged gutters, our Gorillas have all the tools, technique and training to get the job done right. Using high-powered vacuums can remove small to moderate items, while the larger pieces of debris are pulled out with paws. Once your system appears to be clear of all major blockages, pipes and downspouts are water tested. By confirming that water is free-flowing, our Gorillas can be sure that there is nothing hiding out behind the scenes.

Call today to speak with one of our Gorillas and get the ball rolling on your gutter cleaning.

west vancouver gutter cleaning

Spring Is In The Air

It might not feel like it but spring is just around the corner. Seasons change in the blink of an eye but the issues that come along with it might require a closer look. As spring time rolls around, your property needs care from top to bottom. These types of cleanings can be hazardous to your property and, without the right techniques, hazardous to your body as well. Instead of taking risks with your home or your person, call a Gorilla to help with your spring cleaning.

With Spring fast approaching, plant life is kicking back into full gear, meaning growth and shedding of natural debris. There is nowhere for these natural materials to fall than onto your roof and into your gutters. A bit of clutter here and there might not seem like the end of the world but it can definitely lead to larger issues later on. By making your roof and gutters a part of your maintenance routine, you can get ahead of these issues before they appear! Our roof cleaning and moss removal keeps the surface of your roof clean while our gutter cleaning services keep things running smoothly.

While our Gorillas might be handling the upper levels of your property, the ground level usually gets the most attention from passersby. Staining happens organically as well as through vandalism. If your cleaning entails a necessary stain removal, our graffiti removal and pressure washing services can help you out. Spotty and streaked windows might have been a problem before but it doesn’t need to be any longer. Our window cleaning services can reach any pane up to four storeys. Over the course of the winter, salt, dust and dirt can accumulate around the sills and frames of windows.

Don’t let a seasonal change wreak havoc on your property needlessly. There is a Gorilla around every corner waiting to help get your property looking its best just in time for summer.

Lions Bay Franchise Announcement

For some Canadians, B.C has always been home. For others, it is a new place to set down roots. In either case, carving out your own little piece of paradise can be hard work. Picking out a commercial or residential property is easy but taking care of it afterward is not. That is why the Gorilla team is expanding! Property owners of the West Vancouver and Lions Bay communities can rest easy knowing that, Vincent, our newest franchisee partner, is nearby!
Owning a home or storefront is a big commitment and a lot of responsibility. Managing the interior is difficult enough but adding on exterior issues makes an even bigger pain. Now, some of these services, you might expect or even plan for, like snow clearing and salting. Everyone knows that winter is on its way but mapping out how to handle what comes along with it is tricky. Leave the planning and follow through to our Gorillas.

While some property issues can be expected, others come out of left field. Graffiti might appear overnight but our graffiti removal makes sure it is removed just as quickly. When it comes to the aesthetics of your home, our Gorilla technicians can cover any exterior surface. Whether it is hard like concrete or wood or fragile like glass, our pressure washing and window cleaning services have got you covered.
Standing still doesn’t do much to get the job done and that is why all of our Gorilla technicians like to keep moving. We have no problem climbing skyward for your roof cleaning and moss removal or to clear out those blocked gutters.

When your property needs a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’, there is no one better qualified than Vincent and his team of Gorilla technicians.

Gorilla Gutter Cleaning

As summer comes to a close, most Canadians are focused on soaking up every last minute of sunshine. It is important to enjoy every bit of summer fun but making sure that your property is taken care of is important too. If you are having a difficult time scheduling chores, our Gorillas can help you take a load off! Our gutter cleaning service can help keep your system running while giving you peace of mind.

The Importance Of Routine

More often than not, property owners do not address maintenance issues until they are, in fact, issues! You might not think about the condition of your roof until cracks and leaks begin to appear but you do not have to wait for trouble. By calling up our Gorillas for a semi-annual gutter cleaning, you prevent carrying issues over from season to season. This prevents headaches by giving property owners a fresh start to each season.

Gutter Cleaning
Fall months come and go quickly so a little preparation will go a long way to getting your property winter ready. As plants and trees begin to lose their leaves, the gutters around your space see the brunt of this clutter. A few leaves here and there might not seem like a big issue, but these pile up. Blocked gutters retain moisture and make way for rot, invasive plant growth, property damage and infestations.

Gorilla Gutter Cleaning: What Sets Us Apart

Full removal of clogs and blockages is the secret to any good gutter cleaning service but this is easier said that done. More often than not, gutters are approached for removal by hand but this is not the most effective solution. In fact, it isn’t much of a solution at all. In order to make sure that your gutters are fully cleaned every time, our Gorilla technicians use high-powered vacuums in order to remove even the thinest foundation layers of debris that run inside your system. Larger items like sticks and leaves can be pulled by hand but if a foundation layer is allowed to stick around, it will trap, hold and collect new debris. Complete removal is key to having a smooth-running system and that is why our Gorillas provide flow-testing before we consider the job completed.

Instead of wasting time with temporary solutions, have your system completely cleared with our gutter cleaning services. Call today to book an appointment for our gutter cleaning service.

Gorilla News

Our Gorillas are not afraid of a little hard work – but boy, are we in demand! As our territories have expanded, so did our team. Gorilla Property Services are proud to acknowledge the newest franchise partners to the Gorilla team. From the mountains to the prairies, our expert technicians have you covered!

For our clients living in scenic North Vancouver, Albeniz Pereira keeps our Gorillas organized and swinging! Highly trained technicians are in place to help you on the ground with our pressure washing services or as sky-high with our roof clearing and moss removal.

Properties inside the Edmonton area have a lot to put up with throughout the year. Keeping on top of property maintenance is a full-time occupation, but franchise partner, Mike Cooper loves to be busy. Whether it is for your semi-annual gutter cleaning or a one-time graffiti removal, our team is here for you.

In a city like Winnipeg, where winter lasts over half the year, a helping hand goes a long way. Gordon Gasper and his team of Gorillas are ready and willing to keep your space looking like new. You can call on our Winnipeg Gorillas for any number of services – even snow removal!

Pascal Quindipan
Pascal Quindipan

Richmond, British Columbia might not be as well-known as Vancouver but for it;s residents, it is a bustling city with tons of properties throughout. In such a big area, there is a lot of opportunities for our Gorillas to keep busy. Newest Gorilla franchise partner, Pascal Quindipan is ready and willing to tackle any needs that Richmond residents might have.

With a reputation like Gorilla’s, expansion is inevitable! Our team is always growing to serve our clients and regions better. If you are in North Vancouver, Edmonton, or Winnipeg, don’t hesitate to call and welcome your new Gorilla neighbours – and book an appointment to beautify your space while you are at it.

Service Campaign Drip

The first day of Spring has come and gone but it is never too late to ready your property for the season! Spring showers bring summer flowers but dont let the weather get the most of your home or business. The only way to stay ahead of the weather is to take a pre-emptive strike by calling our Gorillas.

As seasons change, the need for routine property maintenance becomes more and more obvious. Drains back up, roofs become cluttered and the changing elements leave behind heavy staining on walls and decks. Gutter cleaning, roof clearing, pressure washing and window cleaning are all important factors are you make the jump into the spring and summer seasons. Calling in our Gorillas is an easy way to beat these factors without the backbreaking labour and heights!

More and more Canadians are turning to Gorilla Property Services for their maintenance issues, so much so that we are booking appointments months in advance! Our Gorillas are currently booking appointments in to late May. Planning ahead can mean the difference between an easy change between seasons and a big headache!

Our Gorillas are locked and loaded with all the the necessary tools to make your property shine, so do not hesitate to call. Our services are available all over the country so you never have to be limited by location. Our technicians love to be busy and it has never been a better time to be a Gorilla. With daily calls for our services in areas as small as single-dwelling homes or in major retail outlets. Gorilla technicians can handle any property up to three storeys. Dont wait – Call in our Gorillas today.

General Spring Write-Up

All over the country, Canadians are combatting cold temperatures and snow fall but while you are busy fighting off the winter, our Gorillas are looking to the future. With each passing day we are coming closer to a new season and there is no better time to call Gorilla property services to book a good, spring cleaning.

A change of season can be great for residents, looking forward to leaving winter behind but it can also be very tough on your home or business. As temperatures warm, snow melts, leaving water and moisture behind. If water deposits are left standing or are unable to drain normally, it can cause staining to your property or even cause structural damage. If you are interested in avoiding these issues, call our Gorillas for one (or all!) of our maintenance services.

Our Gorillas provide services at every level, on the ground, on the roof and even in the air! Changing weather patterns over the fall and winter months create a great deal of natural debris around populated areas. Natural debris, such as sticks, leaves and pine needles can hold moisture on the surface of your roof, retaining moisture from melting snow or heavy rains and clogging up gutters, stopping drainage. Dirt and dust, carried on the wind will also land and settle on the surfaces of your windows and exterior walls. Our roof repair and moss removal, along with gutter cleaning takes care of the surface of your roof while window cleaning and pressure washing remove the layers of dirt off the exterior of your property. If it is not natural debris that is getting you down, enlist our Gorillas for your graffiti removal as well.

Let our Gorillas handle that ever important spring cleaning while you enjoy the sunshine and spring days – on a freshly pressure washed deck or patio!

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