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The city of St. Albert, nestled within the Edmonton region, has all of the same weather patterns as it’s larger neighbouring city. Unlike Edmonton, however, there is much less man-power to deal with the winter months. Although it might not have as many of the large-scale resources, this small town has something better – our St. Albert snow removal and salting!

Every Canadian has, at one point, woken up to the inconvenience of a heavy snowfall! Don’t leave your cars buried, your walkways impassable, and your property covered! . This is annoying enough for residential areas but for a commercial property, it can make or break your sales day. Snow might seem like a simple piece of every day life but it can create tons of complications to your day – unless you enlist our Gorillas!
The difference between Gorilla Property Services and other maintenance companies is that our Gorillas are always looking to the future in order to better serve our clients. By monitoring forecasts, our staff is able to come up with a comprehensive snow removal plan in order to accommodate the needs of your property before you even know that there is a need! It is that dedication combined with state of the art tools of the trade that set our Gorillas apart from the competition.

St. Albert Snow Removal & Salting: Projects Big & Small

No matter the type of property that we are dealing with, whether it is something as large as a parking lot or something as small as a walkway, our Gorillas are here to handle it! The expert removal specialists at Gorilla use tools as simple as shovels, all the way to ploughs and snowblowers.
Calling Gorilla Property Services can set your winter experience apart by providing you with the freedom to enjoy your time! Don’t spend your winter days shovelling, spend it on the ice!

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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