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March 26, 2020

Winnipeg Snow Removal & Salting

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The city of Winnipeg is known for two things: being the Slurpee capital of the world and its freezing winters. The city itself can see windchills in the negative 30’s to 50’s, so it is no wonder that residents aren’t happy when it becomes time to shovel. Wet socks, frostbite and a runny nose are all consequences of spending too much time outdoors. Instead of fighting off the cold on your own, call a Gorilla for your Winnipeg snow removal and salting.

Understanding the Seasons in Winnipeg

It is easy to watch snow flakes and admire winter scenery, but dealing with the aftermath is far less pleasant. Over 100 centimetres of snow falls over Winnipeg ever year – that is roughly 3.5 feet of snow! These flurries can come down in small increments or in large scale storms, but in either case, it is no picnic. A quick dusting is easy to handle but a heavy snowfall requires heavy equipment. Many Winnipeg homeowners struggle to clear large areas, and it is no wonder why. Managing snow-clad areas with a shovel and elbow grease is an ongoing battle and can feel impossible to win. Instead of working harder, let a Gorilla help you to work smarter.

Every year, hundreds of Canadians are admitted to the hospital as a result of slips, falls and pulled muscles due to shovelling. Having the right tools, training and foresight can take the bite out of winter while still getting the snow removal results that you need. For the most part, snowfalls in the prairies occur during late night or early morning hours. The need for sleep combined with frigid temperatures make it easy to ignore falling flakes, letting them pile up instead. If you can’t keep up, our experts can prevent you from being buried. A mountain of snow might not seem like the end of the world but as it melts, it becomes one.

The Gorilla Winnipeg Snow Removal Approach

In addition to having thick skin, our Gorillas are always looking forward. By watching the skies and monitoring weather forecasts, our experts are prepared for any amount of snow or ice formation. Day or night, a Gorilla is always ready to take care of residential and commercial snow removal.

  • Being Prepared: Keeping an eye on the weather allows Gorillas to prepare for not only snow, but for ice as well. As early as October, temperatures in Winnipeg begin to dip well below freezing and can stay that way until April. Even rising temperatures pose problems to property owners. As snow melts during the day, it re-freezes over night. This re-freeze creates large patches of ice on sidewalks, driveways, roads and steps.
  • Walking The Line: Keeping Winnipeg properties passable not only makes life easier for owners, managers and tenants, it’s the law. It is easy to forget that a buried sidewalk is a violation of by-laws – until you get a ticket, that is! Routine snow removal can help prevent costly fines. In order to keep up with the demands of their communities, Gorillas don’t stick to a 9-5 schedule. Our experts offer scheduled services, as well as emergency services 24 hours a day.
  • All The Right Moves: Each property has its own quirks and setbacks. These can be tough to manage spots but it can also come down to size. It is easy enough to treat one short walkway with a manual approach but multi-unit properties, with many walkways, requires a different approach. This is where snow blowers come in. These machines can clear uniform pathways in no time at all. Parking lots are another major point of snow removal frustration for owners and managers but it is nothing that our plows can’t handle. Because each property has its own unique needs, our Gorillas arrive on-scene fully stocked with snow plows, shovels and blowers to get the job done right.
  • Standing Out In a Crowd: Waking up to find strangers on your property in the middle of the night can be scary, but our Gorillas stand out! For those properties that require over night care, each and every Gorilla is outfitted with brightly coloured uniforms and vehicles. Gorillas might be big, but they are light on their feet, so you never have to worry about being woken up in the night. Manual treatments are used during quiet times in order to let our clients get their beauty rest while we get down to snow removal business.

The Gorilla Snow Removal Guarantee

Winter is a dangerous time for everyone in Winnipeg. With snow and ice around every corner, front yards become obstacle courses and sidewalks are skating rinks. Because of these unseen dangers, our Gorillas are fully insured in order to protect themselves and their clients. Every member of staff is fully covered for any unexpected personal or property damage.

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