Timmins Pressure Washing

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Stains are impossible to prevent. They come in all shapes and sizes, subtle and obvious but no matter what type of stain you are dealing with, our Gorillas can get rid of it. The marks around your space might be natural or man-made, but in either case, our Gorillas can handle any stain. Instead of dealing with a grimy exterior, call our Gorillas for your Timmins pressure washing service. Let our Gorillas help you get your property back to looking great in no time at all.

What Can Be Pressure Washed Away?

Pretty much any mark, stain or discolouration that finds its way onto your property can be taken off again. It might be naturally occurring, like dirt, algae or bird droppings, or it could be spills or other man-made stains. Each of these mark or stains must be treated differently but at the end of the day, our Gorillas will have these discolourations gone and forgotten.
Our Timmins pressure washing can be applied to nearly every exterior surface. Decks, patios, concrete, exterior walls, and everything in between is in the running for our specialized cleaning services. If you have any questions about cleaning off those tricky areas of your property, our Gorillas are only a phone call away. Our experienced technicians are always willing to talk about our Timmins pressure washing.

Timmins Pressure Washing: How We Work

By beginning your Timmins pressure washing with an application of eco-friendly cleaners, surfaces are cleared of loose dirt and debris. Gorilla brushes then clear away anything that has been left behind, making way for a deep cleaning of your property. Simply going in on your exterior materials with a pressure washer can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly. That is why our Gorillas take special care to examine and assess the space around your home or business before grabbing our tools.

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