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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
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The outer areas of a building are the first impression that it makes to the outside world. You want to take pride in your home and a soft washing service can help! The exterior areas of homes, commercial buildings, gazebos and more are always up against the elements. This means natural staining, spills, graffiti and other unsightly stains, but local Gorilla technicians are here to help! Keep your property looking it’s best with a professional Kamloops soft washing service that lasts up to 7 times longer than basic cleaning methods.

When you notice that your walls are starting to look dirty you can’t just scrub away stains. Highly texturized materials like stucco will hold onto dirt and stains while vinyl siding is easily cracked. Don’t take a risk on the wrong cleaning technique when you can call a Gorilla instead!

House Washing in Kamloops: Avoid a DIY Disaster

There is a big difference between the materials that are inside a house and the ones that make up exterior surfaces. Household materials like bleach and wire brushes might work indoors but these can do more harm than good outside. Exterior surfaces and materials are built tough but they aren’t invincible. Highly pressurized sprays might seem like the best way to remove dirt, grime, mold and mildew but it can also cause bald patches on stucco and cracks in siding.

In addition to the threat of damage, high water pressure won’t get the best results on textured surfaces. It’s easy to blast dirt and stains off of surfaces that are flat, hard and smooth but this often isn’t the case when it comes to outer walls. The amount of pressure used should be dialled in according to the material that you are working with.

The Gorilla Guarantee: How We Get Great Results For Your Soft Washing, Every Time!

Having dirt, grime or algae buildup around your property doesn’t just impact your curb appeal, it can cause structural damage and is a risk to health and safety too. The longer you wait, the worse staining will become so call a Gorilla for a multi-step approach to soft washing that is effective, affordable and leaves your property looking great.

Pre-Treatment Preparation: Gorilla technicians begin every cleaning service with an assessment of structures and surrounding areas. This ensures that there is no risk of damage to aged or weakened surfaces. This also ensures that there is no cross-contamination via water run-off.

Applying Cleansers: The best way to get dirt, dust and other unwanted items out of all of those nooks and crannies is with a foaming cleaning solution. Our speciality Gorilla cleansers are sprayed onto surfaces where they will foam up, filling grooves and crevices. These cleansers will loosen any dirt that is sitting inside textures.

Low Pressure Sprays (Soft Washing): Spraying treated surfaces with low pressure sprays allows water to flow into textures, pulling out any loosened debris. A deep removal of dirt, dust and debris removes the symptoms of buildup (stains), as well as the cause for a longer-lasting result.

When walls are dirty it can be difficult to notice signs of damage but a clean slate gives property owners a full view of condition. Make professional soft washing a part of your annual cleaning and maintenance routine with a bit of help from a local Gorilla!

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