Kamloops Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

The Mountain town of Kamloops is known for its beautiful scenery. National Parks and Wildlife Centres are home to a diverse selection of plant life, but so are backyards! With such a wide variety of plants right in your own backyard, it is no surprise that gutters and downspouts are prone to clogs and blockages. Leaves and debris fall onto rooftops where they roll and blow into gutters. Professional Kamloops gutter cleaning services remove debris from both open and closed areas, keeping water flowing and your gutters in great shape.

Whether you call them gutters or an eavestrough, cleaning is key component of keeping your roofing and structures in good, working order. The purpose of an overhead drainage system is to catch and transport water away from the vulnerable areas of your property. If rain gutters become clogged and impassable, standing water will add additional weight to fixtures and overflow. This allows water to pool around your home’s foundation, increasing the possibility to water damage, leaks, flooding, rot and mold. Ditch the risk and call a local Gorilla instead!

Ditch the DIY Approach

Gutter systems are located overhead, so it is easy to overlook them during regular cleaning practices. Over the course of a year heavy winds, changing of the seasons, rain and snow melt will all contribute to clogged gutters. It takes more than a pair of work gloves and a ladder to properly remove debris from the gutters around a home or commercial building. Instead of stocking up on equipment and risking a fall, call a friendly neighbourhood Gorillas and our crews will swing into action.

Every year, property owners take a DIY approach to gutter cleaning, only to end up with subpar results. Using a simple gutter scoop or pair of rubber gloves to remove debris might work on open areas but these drainage systems are made up of both covered and uncovered areas. Clearing away open areas is great but it won’t be effective if downspouts are clogged. If your property is outfitted with gutter guards, they present another challenge.

Clogged gutters not only restrict water flow, they are a great place for insects and rodents to call home. Failing to clean out gutters regularly will add extra weight to materials, leading to warping and damage. If water overflows and rests against roof decking and vulnerable areas, it can seep inside or lead to rot, which is expensive to repair or replace.

For many property owners, a pressure washer seems like a secret weapon for dealing with stains, while a leaf blower is a great way to deal with debris. Both of these might be true at the ground level but aiming these at a gutter will lead to chaos and a whole lot of damage.

Calling All Gorillas: The Best Way to Clean Your Gutters

After years of industry experience, Gorillas understand the best way to treat gutter systems around homes and businesses, of all shapes and sizes. Local experts are outfitted with top of the line tools and safety equipment from ladder stabilizers right down to eye protection. When maintained correctly, gutters protect your property from top to bottom through proper drainage.

Gorilla crews have tools that can reach into tough to reach areas, digging debris out of covered areas. In order to keep things running smoothly, gutters should be cleaned twice annually, once in fall and once in spring. Combine this service with window cleaning, moss removal and other key treatments to boost your curb appeal and protect your property.

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