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  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
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Everyone wants to have a clean and inviting space. It is easy to become caught up in cleaning indoors but the exterior aspects of homes and businesses are always left out in the elements. Over the course of the year, structures have to deal with dampness, dirt, shifts in weather, growth, salt stains and slippery surfaces. When you want to create a safer space, boost curb appeal and keep guests on their feet, call Gorilla for your Kamloops pressure washing.

Power washers are often seen as a magical cure-all for outdoor stains. The reality is that power tools can cause widespread damage when used improperly. Trying to power wash a house, for example, can result in damage to areas like windows and doors, as well as stucco and vinyl siding. When you want to improve visuals around your home or workplace, call an expert for professional pressure washing services.

The Best Way to Pressure Wash Your House

There is never a bad time to update the exterior areas of your home or commercial space. Making house washing a part of your annual care routine not only keeps walkways, driveways, retaining walls and surrounding areas looking their best, it keeps them in good condition. Invasive growth like algae sits on porous materials like concrete.

Algae and mold hold onto moisture, keeping it up against surfaces and causing weakening. Aiming high water pressure sprays at weakened materials will lead to damage. Wherever exterior power washing is concerned, it is important to understand the difference between electric pressure washers, gas models and the difference between pressure washing and soft washing.

Electric models have a lower average pounds per square inch of pressure, making them the better option for treating soft materials like wood. A lower pressure rate does not necessarily mean less cleaning power!

The pressure from a basic garden hose is not enough to remove dirt but high pressure sprays can strip away paint. If you are wondering what the happy medium is, it is soft washing. Lower pressure sprays are more appropriate for stucco, vinyl and wood siding, and aged or weakened material. There is nothing worse than having pressure washed your home only to find breakage or water damage left behind and that is why it is always better to call the pros!

The best way to get great results is to call a professional pressure washing company for safe and effective exterior cleaning. Taking a DIY approach to pressure washing can quickly become a disaster. Instead of throwing a piece of duct tape over an electrical outlet, experts are able to secure properties completely, protecting electrical components, as well as water inlets and preventing groundwater contamination.

The Gorilla Guarantee: The Best Result For Your Kamloops Pressure Washing

After years of experience in the industry, our Gorillas understand what properties in Kamloops are up against and better yet, we know how to treat these issues! Each member of the team is fully outfitted with top tools and industry knowledge that allows technicians to provide the best results at any time. By carrying out proper assessments Gorillas are able to create a customized treatment plan that caters to the age and condition of properties, as well as the type of stain that you are dealing with.

In addition to being highly trained and experienced, each member of the Gorilla team is local to the Kamloops area and fully insured to provide peace of mind as well as great visuals and customer service.

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