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The roof is one of the most important parts of any structure. The upper levels of a home or storefront is the first and best line of defence from the elements, so it is important to make sure that these are in good condition. A cluttered roof is not only bad for your curb appeal, it can have a negative impact on the overall condition of your roofing. Kamloops roof cleaning and moss removal services boost curb appeal, preserve the condition of roofing materials and have homes looking their best.

One of the biggest home improvement projects that owners can take on is a roof replacement or repair. When properly maintained a roof can last for decades but without regular cleaning and removal of moss and algae, they will be struggling in no time. Like other exterior cleaning services, roof care should be an annual practice. Instead of having to navigate slippery surfaces with a DIY approach or using harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, call an expert for the best results every time.

Moss Cleaning: Ditch the DIY Approach

Property owners are quick to call a roofing contractor to repair a broken roof or install a new one but will often try to maintain them themselves. Taking an amateur approach to roof moss removal not only produces subpar results but it is dangerous. As moss grows, it makes surfaces slippery. This, combined with having to navigate heights and ladders is a recipe for disaster.

Professional roof cleaning services have turned debris removal and moss removal into a science. By applying a multi-step approach, our team of Gorilla technicians are able to remove clutter and debris safely. Using a heavy handed approach to removing moss growth can lead to blowing softened materials apart and water damage. Both moss and algae are invasive and known to spread quickly. This allows it to sit on top of roof tiles, making them slippery but it also means that this growth will weave under, over and around shingle roofing. One wrong step on these slippery surfaces can lead to hard falls and serious injury.

Roof Moss Removal: Understanding the Process

When you want to remove clutter and moss from a roof, no one does it better than our Gorillas. Every Gorilla service begins with a thorough assessment of service areas and surrounding spaces. Safety practices are always a top priority for Gorillas, so our teams come equipped with top safety equipment and resources. In order to reach roof surfaces safely Gorillas use stand-offs to keep ladders in place, as well as ties to keep our technicians on their feet.

Gorillas remove clutter and debris like leaves, sticks, twigs and other items from rooftops. Instead of just pushing debris off of rooftops, Gorillas collect and bag these unwanted items and dispose of it responsibility. From here, technicians have a view of condition and moss growth. Specialized moss killers stop growth in its tracks, killing it off so it can be removed, scraped where necessary and washed away.

When you want the best results for your roof cleaning and moss removal, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action. Whether you are looking for routine cleaning programs or a single service call, our team of experts are ready and willing to lend a helping paw.

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