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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
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The outside of your property is the first impression that it makes to the world, and that goes for both homes and businesses. There is no end to the amount of ways that exterior surfaces can become dirty or stained but there is only one way to properly clean them — soft washing! In the right hands, power tools can help to strip away years of dirt and grime without the threat of damage. Professional Newmarket soft washing services can help to boost your curb appeal, improve conditions and keep your structures looking their best.

Professional power washing can help to strip stains away from harder, tougher materials but for more delicate surfaces, a lighter approach is required. While the machinery might be the same, there is a huge difference between pressure washing and soft washing. It is easy to assume that high pressure speaks are the best option for getting rid of stains but they can also cause breakage to vinyl siding, stucco and other materials. When you want great services performed safely and effectively, call a Gorilla.

The Benefits of Expert House Washing

When you want to improve visuals around the exterior of your house or storefront, basic cleaning methods just won’t cut it. Basic spray cleansers might be able to get stains off of smooth or finished surfaces, but applying them to textured materials won’t do much more than loosen surface dirt. A scrub brush and cleaner might be able to get superficial results but when you want a high quality clean, it is important to dig deep into textures.

A powerful washer spray uses force to blast stains away from surfaces but this can leave ground-in dirt behind, particularly in complex materials like stucco. Soft washing solutions, on the other hand, use a lower flow approach to dig deep into cracks, crevices and textures to pull dirt, dust, salt and debris out from the source. This approach not only removes stains, but the results last up to seven times longer than traditional methods.

Depending on the age and condition of your property, pressure washers can blast away aged or weakened materials. This means expensive repair bills but it can also mean having to deal with wide scale water damage. If exterior layers are pulled away, they can allow water to seep in and can lets pests inside. Hiring expert exterior cleaning services means access to experienced technicians who know how to properly assess what areas can be washed, and what the best methods of cleaning might be.

Gorilla Property Services: Expert Soft Washing Methods

In order to get the best results for our customers, Gorilla technicians operate using a multi-step approach to assess, treat and care for residential and commercial properties in the Newmarket area. Foaming cleansers dig deep into textures, loosening and lifting surface dirt. Soft bristle Gorilla brushes scrub away stains and with a clean slate, it is possible to see exactly what is left over. Soft washing solutions can then be applied to remove any remaining discolouration.

The staff at Gorilla Property Services are committed to getting great results for their communities and that is why we provide top to bottom cleans. With a variety of washing methods at our disposal, our Gorillas provide window cleaning, roof cleaning, graffiti removal and even seasonal care.

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