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Building snowmen or visiting ice rinks are great ways to pass the time in winter, but you shouldn’t have to figure skate along roads and sidewalks. Snow removal is part of a regular property maintenance schedule but that doesn’t make it any easier to do! Depending on the size of your property, shovelling walkways can take hours of hard labour but our Gorillas love a challenge. Calling a professional for your Newmarket snow removal and salting services means great results, no matter the size of your property, or the time of day!

When there is a heavy snow fall on a public road or government building, there are plenty of resources to help keep these areas clear but residential snow removal is left up to property owners. Not everyone has a snow plow at the ready, or even the space to store snow plows or other heavy duty removal tools, so many people are left stuck shovelling. Don’t get stuck doing the heavy lifting when you can call a Gorilla instead.

What to Know About Snow Clearing & Ice Removal

Temperatures in the Newmarket area can fluctuate on a dime. You might go to sleep to clear pathways only to find them completely frozen over 12 hours later. Snow buildup can prevent mobility around a property, while ice formations can be a serious health and safety hazard. Depending on the time of year, it is very possible for snow to thaw during the day, only to refreeze overnight.

For both homes and commercial properties, blocked sidewalks and pathways are an issue of liability but they can also impact you financially. It is hard to think that a bit of snow can cost you, but there are a few ways: by-law infractions, liability suits and a lack of foot traffic. If the path to your store is blocked by knee-high snow, chances are that your potential customers are going to visit another retailer or get their service somewhere else. If postal workers or emergency services are not able to access necessary areas, it can lead to heavy fines.

The best way to combat slippery surfaces is ice salting, but this is not as simple as throwing down a handful of rock salt and hoping for the best. When dealing with ice, surface conditions and materials need to be considered. Ice melt in vulnerable areas or snow piled up against sensitive areas can lead to water damage, so it is important to be strategic with your snow removal services.

Gorilla Property Services: Expert Snow Removal in Newmarket

Whether dealing with a driveway, parking pad or sidewalk, snow clearing keeps properties in great shape all winter long. Creating custom treatment plans for your property means getting great results. Our team of highly trained property experts provide regularly scheduled snow removal, as well as emergency call-outs.

Please call to speak with a Gorilla technician about your snow and ice removal options. Gorillas have a variety of tools at their disposal that can accommodate any space. With shovels for your sidewalk, plows for driveways and snow blowers for smaller pathways, our team is fully equipped at any time of day or night. Instead of just reacting to the weather, our experts plan for it. By monitoring local forecasts, Gorillas are able to plan ahead for upcoming storms and cold snaps, so our customers are never left out in the cold.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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