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A bit of moss growing on a stone fence or vines growing up a wall can give properties a rustic look but when you begin to notice moss on your roof, it is a problem. Throughout Ontario, homes and businesses are at the mercy of moisture. Invasive growth on your roofing not only starts to look awful, it can cause structural damage as well. Hiring a professional for your Newmarket roof cleaning and moss removal can help to improve visuals, prevent damage and protect your property.

Roof Care: What Is Weighing On Your Roof System

Roof clutter can collect over a period of months, or it can feel like it comes out of nowhere. All it takes is one strong gust of wind or heavy rain to dislodge organic debris from surrounding plants and trees. As leaves, sticks, seed pods, pollen, pinecones or other materials fall, they will need somewhere to land. Plants depend on water to survive so they are built for holding onto moisture and that is exactly what they will do, even when sat on your shingles.

Piled up debris creates a blanket across your roofing surfaces. This blanket holds moisture, blocks out the sun and creates an ideal environment for moss and mold to form. Once formed, moss spreads across surfaces, weaving over and under asphalt shingles, until it reaches vulnerable areas. When moisture reaches wood decking, it can lead to rot and softening.

Removing moss with a hard wire brush or power washing roofing, can strip away protective coatings and softened decking. This can contribute to water damage, infestations and other unexpected issues. Moss growth also makes surfaces slippery, paving the way for injury. All it takes is one misstep to fall off of a roof, but hiring a professional roof cleaning service means access to top of the line safety equipment.

Gorilla Property Services: Responsible Roof Washing

You wouldn’t try to install your own roof, you would call a roofing contractor instead — so why not call an expert for your cleaning? Roofing companies are quick to install new roofs or provide repairs or replacements but when you want the best results for your regular cleanings, Gorilla is the way to go! Taking a DIY approach to roof cleaning can lead to damage, but it can also lead to personal injury from slips, falling ice dams or unexpected breakage.

Gorilla crews provide in-depth care and removal services that are not only aimed at getting results, but that are designed to protect your property and the surrounding area as well. Our multi-step approach uses environmentally friendly cleansers and moss killers, as well as customized treatment plans. Our Gorillas not only provide de-cluttering services but thorough roof moss removal as well. Instead of just letting dead moss sit against surfaces, our Gorillas pack up debris and dispose of it responsibly.

By offering options for both commercial and residential roof cleaning services, our team of experts can treat properties of all sizes and styles throughout the Newmarket area. For the best possible results, ask a Gorilla about pairing your roof cleaning with gutter cleaning or window cleaning services to have your property sparkling clean. Call today to request a quote and have your home or storefront looking better than ever.

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