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Despite its primped exterior, Kelowna is built on rugged terrain. Steep hills and large yards make winter a real pain for property owners. Instead of sliding around sidewalks or breaking your back behind a shovel, have a Gorilla handle your winter workload. Gorilla Property Services is now offering up Kelowna snow removal and salting for commercial, residential, strata and co-op spaces. No matter where you live or where you work, there is a Gorilla ready to swing into action.

Understanding Your Surroundings

Like the rest of British Columbia, the Okanagan tends to see the worst of its winter weather in December and January. Unlike other parts of Canada, a rough winter in Kelowna might not mean being buried in several feet of snow but that does not mean roads are any less treacherous. In addition to being cold and damp, Kelowna is also cloudy. When this becomes the norm, it can be difficult to summon up the energy to step outside and remove snow. Like anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to create a safe and passable environment. Each crack, crevice, slant and angle is an opportunity for snow to accumulate and ice to form. Instead of taking a risk on your health and well-being; instead of being plagued by inconveniences day in and day out, trust a Gorilla to get the job done.

How We Do Snow Removal in Kelowna

Getting a foothold in a crowded industry can be tough, and the reputation of Gorilla Property Services did not happen overnight. Making a name for yourself only comes with the best results, competitive rates and incomparable customer service. So, what makes it possible to tick all of these boxes? Initiative and determination is what sets our staff and services apart.

  • Ready for Anything: It is easy to let winter sneak up on you. In fact, it is not uncommon to be mowing the lawn one day and waking up to snowfall the next. Kelowna residents have a lot to focus on throughout the day, so weather tends to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Keeping an eye on the climate is the key to getting ahead of problems. By monitoring weather conditions and patterns for potential storms, Gorillas are equipped and ready to handle the worst.
  • Customized Care: For every pitfall that property owners come across, there is a treatment method to handle it. Able-bodied owners might be able to take some time out of their schedules to shovel out a single walkway but a completely clear space requires a bit more effort. Instead of using these same methods on a larger or more complicated space, our Gorillas have created a plan that works. Strata and co-op properties have more complicated pathways that could take hours of back-breaking labour to shovel. This is where snow blowers are worth their weight in gold. Blowers can maneuver around tricky areas while snow plows handle larger surface areas like parking lots.
  • Emergency Snow Removal Services: Most heavy snowfall happens overnight or during the early morning hours. This means that most residents are sleeping. Just because you are getting your beauty rest does not mean that you should have a rude awakening. Our Kelowna Gorillas operate an emergency call-out service 24 hours a day. Snow plows and blowers are known to make noise, but you can rest assured that you won’t be woken up by a Gorilla. Experts work quickly and quietly throughout the night. If you do happen to wake up while your property is being serviced, you can spot our specialists by their brightly coloured uniforms and vehicles.

The Gorilla Kelowna Snow Removal Advantage

With so many options, settling on one snow removal service can be complicated. That is why our Gorillas have created a plan that sets them apart from the competition. In addition to an expert service plan, trained professionals operate while fully insured. This covers both staff and owners for both personal and property damage. Accidents happen – but they don’t have to hurt!

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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