Kelowna Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

There are plenty of reasons to visit Kelowna. Whether you come for the wineries, or call the Okanagan Valley home, there is no denying that this region is prone to rain! The Okanagan region is a wet one and that makes Kelowna gutter cleaning services an essential part of your routine property maintenance.

Caring for a home’s exterior requires a lot of technical knowledge, dedication and elbow grease. Maintaining outdoor spaces is tough enough around a single family home, but for property managers it can feel impossible to keep up – particularly when it comes to heights. Clearing out clogged gutters is not as cut and dried as running a hand through drains and hoping for the best, so call a Gorilla instead!

What Makes Eavestrough Cleaning So Important

Long dry summers in Kelowna are nice, but owners are still facing harsh weather throughout the year. Annually, the city itself sees around 15 inches of rainfall. With high humidity and precipitation, impassable drainage systems can mean structural damage, rot and even pests. Whether you are an owner or manager, no one wants to be left dealing with water damage – especially when it is avoidable!

Without regular maintenance, you can expect layers upon layers of debris inside your gutter system, keeping water from moving freely. In a covered space, water creates an ideal environment for unwanted organics and pests to thrive. As water backs up and rests against construction materials, it can soften them, wearing them away. This softening makes way for entry points for not only water, but pests as well. Save yourself the trouble of water damage or uninvited guests with a little help from our maintenance professionals.

Eco Friendly Kelowna Gutter Cleaning: A Multi-Step Process

If you haven’t had the privilege of coming face to face with a cluttered eavestrough, you can expect one big mess. Not everyone is keen to stick their hand into the muck that has collected within their system throughout the year. Our professional gutter cleaning uses a multi-step process for the best results. Our Gorillas give you the best possible results by breaking your perimeter drain cleaning into stages.

Preparation is the first and most important step in our Gorilla’s methods. All equipment is set up, checked and secured for safety before any work begins. Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured, so our safety – and your property – are always in good paws. ‘Before’ photos keep our clients in the loop from the safety of the ground. ‘After’ photos help our Gorillas show off our great results that leave you fully satisfied.

Now, the real work begins! Our Gorillas get to work clearing the roof of leaves, branches and other debris. Removing the debris extends the life of your drainage system by removing possible blockages before they happen! Next up is our gutter vacuuming, the only way to guarantee your system is completely clean. Sure, you can get rid of larger matter by hand but our method removes sand, grit and every last pine needle. Thorough tests are mandatory before a job is complete. Our Gorillas run a hose with a low pressure water flow from the gutter. This allows the interior and exterior of the guttering and downspouts to be inspected for leaks and blockages, and replaced if necessary.

Don’t settle for subpar results when you can call a Gorilla for an outstanding job, both for your gutter cleaning and other property services in Kelowna. From exterior window cleaning to pressure washing and snow removal, call our team of experts, today. Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured to protect your property and we come with great references! For rated, reviewed and guaranteed service, call a Gorilla today.

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