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The Okanagan is a beautiful place to call home, but this comes with a price – lots of roof care! Known for heavy clouds during winter months, the Kelowna region experiences some of the cloudiest weather outside of Newfoundland. This, in combination with 15 inches of annual rainfall, creates a breeding ground for moss and algae growth. Instead of letting your roofing be taken over, call a Gorilla for your Kelowna roof cleaning and moss removal.

In addition to looking awful, roof clutter and moss growth can degrade construction materials, leading to expensive repairs and maintenance. Moss and algae make surfaces slippery, making roof care even more dangerous. The right technique and safety features make a world of difference to the outcome of your cleaning, so call an expert for your roof cleaning service.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Preventative Property Measures

A new roof is an investment, but it is an expensive undertaking, involving professional roofing contractors. As a property owner, it can be tough to keep up with the ever-changing needs of a roof, but that is what our Gorillas are for! A light breeze or rainfall can send organic cast-off falling onto rooftops. With nowhere to go, this debris just sits against surfaces.

Organics are designed to hold onto moisture, and they continue to do so even after they’ve fallen from their trees. A blanket of leaves, needles, seed pods, sticks and more create a moisture-trapping barrier that become the ideal space for moss to thrive. From the ground level, it is difficult to see whether or not there is invasive growth taking hold of your roofing and that makes regular roof inspection a must.

Far from staying in one place, moss spreads – and it spreads quickly. This invasive growth weaves under and across materials, reaching the vulnerable areas below. As moss thickens and grows, more moisture gets trapped. Over time, this growth can cause rotting and leaking.

When you want to get rid of moss, it is important to develop a treatment plan that is catered to the unique needs of your property. Cleaning moss away from cedar shakes will differ greatly from asphalt shingles and even concrete. Grabbing a basic bottle of moss killer is not enough to get the right results for your property. Treating materials with the right technique can help to prolong the life of your roof, cutting costs in the long run, so call expert roof cleaners today.

Gorilla Property Services: Expert Roof Cleaners in Your Area

Our team of highly trained Gorilla technicians are committed to our communities, but also to the environment. Instead of wasting gallons of water or risking chemicals leeching into ground water, our experts have taken a more eco-friendly approach. Using state of the art equipment, disinfectants and procedures, our Gorilla technicians will have your roof free of debris and build-up in no time.

With options for scheduled cleanings or emergency call-out services, Gorilla clients can feel confident that their home or business is protected from the elements, all year long. For property owners in the Kelowna area, roof moss is not the only thing that you need to worry about. Ask a Gorilla about bundling other services, such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning, graffiti removal and more. Call today to request a free quote.

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