In the world of winter maintenance, snow and ice take top priority. While it is easy to get stuck on salting and shovelling, there are other things that demand your attention. A bit of sunshine is enough to warm a frigid day but it is also enough to melt snow. Calling in a snow removal company to clear away your sidewalks and driveways helps at the ground level but having it pile up on your roof is a whole new world of problems. When melt and moisture is getting the best of your home or workspace, our team of experts can lend a helping paw!

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

As much as you might not like it, there is no stopping the snow from falling. Whether it is an inch or a foot, having buildup on your roof is trouble. When temperatures are low, snow stays stationary but during warm spells, you can expect melt. Roofing is designed to let water roll off and down. Without somewhere to go, this excess moisture can pool around foundations, leading to leaks, flooding and water damage. This is where perimeter drains come in handy! Whether you call them gutters or an eavestrough, this outdoor drainage is one of the most important features that your property has to offer – so why not treat them that way?

Over the course of the year, organics and other debris find their way into both the opened and covered parts of your drainage system. Castoff from nearby trees, like needles and seed pods create a foundation inside drains. This foundation then traps and holds other, lighter items like leaves and twigs. This much debris prevents water from passing through systems, so it pools. The weight of sitting water can mean bowing and breakage but it also means softened materials and rot. Prevent damage and unnecessary repairs by having a Gorilla clear a path for you.

Any Time, Any Property Type

Our property maintenance experts recommend gutter cleaning in the spring and in the fall but there is never a bad time to clear these spaces out. With the right tools, technique and safety precautions, our Gorillas can handle homes, commercial spaces and even strata properties. Whether you were able to get ahead of winter weather or are trying to contend with it now, professional services can keep your home or workspace running smoothly.