The last days of Fall might be dwindling down to a close but that doesn’t mean that it is too late to check property maintenance off of your to-do list. Watching the leaves change colours is great but it doesn’t do much good if you can’t see them. Wiping glass seems like a simple fix for dirty windows but it is not enough to maintain an overall good condition. Before snow and ice buildup make this chore more difficult, have a Gorilla handle your window cleaning needs.

Why Regular Cleaning Is Important

Windows can seem solid to the touch, but they are not indestructible. A rogue baseball or accidental bump can crack glass, but force is not the only way to break windows. It might not seem like it but glass is a porous surface, meaning that when gunk, debris and buildup are left sitting against surfaces, they can seep inside. As foreign materials seep down into panes, they wear down on structural integrity. Weakened glass means easier breakage and can even spell destruction for surrounding areas like sills and frames. Routine maintenance makes it possible to keep an eye on conditions while still getting the results that you need.

It is easy to say that windows should be cleaned twice a year but getting the job done is not quite so simple. Exterior windows are often high up and require specialty tools to tackle streaks and stains. Added weight makes a treacherous action even worse! Even if owners or managers do hit those heights, there is no telling how their techniques will fare. Frantic wiping and friction means static cling, drawing airborne materials right back to surfaces. Ditch the DIY in favour of rubber tools and eco-friendly cleansers with a bit of help from a Gorilla.

The Gorilla Approach

In order to keep properties in their areas looking their best, our team of Gorillas offer up the option for scheduled maintenance to limit buildup and debris. In addition to environmentally conscious cleaning products and an experienced hand, each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured.