Not every job can be fun and satisfying, but we have got good news for you: it is great to be a Gorilla! A day job might be a necessity but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. Far from being stuck in a boring routine or spending your days in a tiny cubicle, being a member of the Gorilla team means stretching your legs in wide open spaces. With competitive pay, flexible scheduling and the opportunity for advancement, there has never been a better time to be a Gorilla. 

What Can You Expect as a Team Member? 

Being a part of a thriving company means hard work but it also means having certain advantages in the workplace. Unlike other companies, Gorilla Property Services has a strong commitment to our customers, communities and our staff. 

Extensive Training: The Gorilla brand acts as a full service agency for exterior care and cleaning and that is a lot of ground to cover! The key to getting the best results for our clients is in-depth understanding of tools, techniques, processes and materials. Whether you already have industry experience under your belt or are new to the world of property care, every new Gorilla receives on-the-job training to build their skills. 

Access to Safety Features: Even with thorough training, certain tasks can be dangerous. Managing heights during moss removal or roof cleaning practices, can be a hazard without the right safety tie-offs and equipment. Luckily, Gorilla Property Services is committed to responsible heath and safety practices. 

Competitive Pay: Gorilla Property Services believes in fair payment for a hard day’s work. Each member of our team is paid on a competitive scale according to their availability, skill level and region. 

Fully Insured: Each service and staff member is fully insured. This means providing both customers and technicians, peace of mind. 

Community Involvement: The best part of being a locally owned and operated business is the ability to connect with customers, right at home. In addition to beautifying your neighbourhoods, Gorillas are keen to give back wherever possible. 

If you are ready to start a new and exciting career, call today! With offices all over Canada and into the U.S., your next opportunity is right around the corner.