We are very happy to welcome Mike Zwack to our Gorilla family. These brand-new owners will take care of residential and commercial properties at Gorilla’s newest territory in Edmonton South.

Q: What made you want to own a franchise, specifically a Gorilla business?

The level of professionalism, support, and expertise that Gorilla Property Services offered was evident from the first bouts of communication. I have been researching business acquisitions for a number of years now and with my experience in the oilfield coupled with my experience as a business owner i felt excited and comfortable with this field of work. I love working outside, working with my hands and have a meticulous eye for detail.

Q: Why now – what influenced you to make this decision?

An opportunity to serve the area near us came available and we couldn’t let it pass us by. We felt like our other small business was established and the timing was right to expand into our next opportunity.

Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system?

Joining Gorilla has allowed us to fast-track the establishment of our business. The franchise systems have taken away the work from understanding best practices with the services, establishing leads, choosing an invoice system, and many more. Having these systems in place allows us to get to work, serving the South Edmonton, Beaumont and Sherwood Park a lot quicker and with great efficacy. 

Q: Tell us about your territory, what do you think makes it unique?

Our territory encompasses everything south of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, which includes a large amount of multi-unit buildings and commercial. The South part Edmonton is expanding rapidly and is showing a great need for the services we provide. We are happy to be serving the existing, and potential, customers of the established Sherwood Park territory. Along with our three children, we live in Beaumont – a small city south of Edmonton. We are proud to be able to offer these services to our home community as well. Beaumont is a growing community, with a large number of young families. As a young family ourselves, we can appreciate the value of having a professional, well-done, property service completed to free up more time for family time; I think Beaumont can relate.

Q: What do you expect about being a business/franchise owner?

We anticipate reaping the rewards of our diligent efforts, hiring staff to provide them with enjoyable, secure employment, and receiving valuable support and guidance from both the franchisor and fellow franchisees. The camaraderie and assistance from the team have been exceptional and deeply valued. We extend our gratitude to all franchisees who have extended their support.

Welcome aboard, Mike!