With Halloween right around the corner, homes and storefronts are being decked out in scary looking decorations and spooky spiderwebs. The only thing scarier than a well-decorated house is a house that doesn’t need any decoration at all! Over time, discolouration, stains and unappealing additions build up around outdoor spaces but that doesn’t mean that your living space has to look like a haunted house. Just one Gorilla service can benefit the exterior of your home or commercial space but packages can make them look brand new again.

The Benefits of Bundling

Outdoor spaces are the unsung heroes of any property but they often don’t get the attention that they deserve. It is easy to miss buildup as it happens slowly and it is common to procrastinate with obvious stains like graffiti. Dressing up properties for the holidays gives owners, managers and even tenants a close-up of current conditions. If you are thrilled with the condition of your space, call a Gorilla to create a treatment plan that works.

Pressure Washing: A heavy hand can help to blast away stains and unwanted growth around more resilient materials. like concrete, patios or decking. Algae is a part of nature but it is important to keep it off of your property. In addition to ugly splotches across your space, algae creates slippery surfaces that can be health hazards. Don’t let unwanted organics leave your guests slipping and sliding when they can be sprayed away in one afternoon.

Soft Washing: Instead of high-pressure sprays, soft washing uses a gentler approach to clean away delicate materials. Stucco and vinyl siding might collect dirt and debris in the same way that concrete can but trying the same approach to removal can mean breakage. Clear away those cobwebs with an experienced house washing service.

Graffiti Removal: Vandalism can happen anywhere and at any time. The right type of tag might leave your space looking like an abandoned building. Don’t let ugly or offensive designs scare away guests or potential customers.

If your home or commercial space has been neglected, a mix of services can have them looking brand new again in no time at all.