Everyone wants sparkling clean glass but getting there is an uphill battle. Between natural debris, man-made stains and bird droppings, there is always something obstructing your view. More than just offering a glimpse into the outside world, clean panes can help to regulate lighting and heat, keeping costs down and tenants happy!

One of the biggest obstacles that property owners have when it comes to cleaning windows, is heights. It is easy enough to wipe down panes at the ground level but as soon as a ladder is added to the mix, it makes a world of difference. When you want the best for your glass, it is important to consider both the process and the results:

The Right Process: It is easy to pop up up on tip-toes to reach the windows of a front room or kneel down to clean away a patio door. Plenty of property owners are perfectly fine with using a kitchen step ladder to reach upper areas but anything more than this can be dangerous. For homes or commercial properties that have multiple levels, a basic ladder can get you up high enough but there is no guarantee that you will be safe when you are up there. Professional window washing services use stand-offs and attachments to ensure that our technicians are safe every step of the way.

The Right Results: Basic blue glass cleaners are a dime a dozen and there are even more DIY recipes for cleaners available online. As much as you might want to tackle your washing needs with a natural oil and vinegar based approach, this isn’t always the way to get results. Even with a heavy-duty glass cleaner, the wrong technique can render all of your hard work useless. The friction of wiping back and forth creates static cling that draws airborne debris right back to surfaces.

The Gorilla Tool Kit

Professional service means highly-trained staff and a wide range of tools, specially designed for each service type. The key to clean and happy windows is rubber. Initially, this might sound strange but rubber neutralizes static. Using a rubber squeegee eliminates static and is able to dig deep into edges and angles, pulling out even the most stubborn debris.

When it comes to hitting those heights, water-fed extendable poles are used to scrub surfaces up to four storeys. More than just focusing on glass alone, our Gorillas treat window frames and sills as well. Eco-friendly cleansers strip away years of buildup and debris, all while being sensitive to the environment.