Everyone knows that the best offence is a good defence and that is especially true when it comes to protecting your property. Graffiti artists never seem to sleep. That means that as quickly as you can remove spray paint, vandals are right back at it overnight. Street artists don’t always discriminate but it is no secret that some areas are hit more often than others. If you find your property is being tagged frequently, it can feel impossible to keep up – until now, that is! 

In addition to providing expert graffiti removal services, our Gorillas offer an additional step in keeping our communities clean. Optional anti-graffiti coatings might not be able to keep street artists from leaving their mark behind, but it can make complete removal much easier. Ease of removal cuts down on future costs, saves time and the strain of manual labour. 

What Makes Graffiti So Difficult to Remove? 

One slip of a paint roller when redecorating a home can mean a quick cover-up but when dealing with aerosol paints, this is a much more complicated process. The reason that aerosol paints are so difficult to remove is both in the style of paint and the design of the spray can itself. 

Unlike standard slips of paint left behind by ordinary brushes and rollers, spray paint is able to penetrate cracks, crevices and textures of exterior materials. Interior walls are often flat and smooth but exterior surfaces are very much the opposite. Materials like stucco and brick have a ton of texture. Scrubbing at spray paint can drive stains deeper into surfaces, or clear away top layers of surfaces while leaving stains underneath. 

The design of an aerosol spray can projects paint in a triangular shape. This design allows one direct distribution line, as well as small flecks of colour that are sent out in a surrounding cloud. This means there will be shadowing around an initial design. Removing a graphic can leave shadows behind, which leave surfaces looking filthy. 

Looking Ahead to Protect Your Property 

For those homes and businesses that see repeat tagging or vandalism, an anti-graffiti coating can help to preserve the look of your property and help to improve first impressions of your workspace. Every proper removal starts with one call to a Gorilla technician. Our team of highly-trained experts can remove paint with eco-friendly methods. From here, an optional anti-graffiti coating can be applied. 

An anti-graffiti coating sits transparently on surfaces. When graffiti is applied, this coating protects materials from absorbing paint and allows for it to be removed more readily. If you think that an anti-graffiti coating is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact a Gorilla today!