All across the world, bacteria is enemy #1. As cold and flu season comes around again, it is more important than ever to scrub exterior spaces, creating clean environments for tenants, guests, customers or friends and family. Even when you can’t see buildup, there are still harmful germs sitting nearby.

Covering your nose during a cough or sneeze can limit the amount of exposure to bacteria but there are plenty of other ways to transmit germs. For example, simply using a door handle can mean unknowingly picking up tons of bacteria. It is common enough to clean these areas with disinfectant sprays or wipes but walls and other exterior surfaces are more difficult to clean.

Calling in a property maintenance expert for your exterior maintenance and care means tackling even the toughest areas and the most sensitive materials. Taking an ordinary scrub brush and basic cleansers to tough textures like stucco or stubborn stains on concrete, will not get the results that you want. Opting for professional care means getting the best results for soft washing and pressure washing needs, with an eco-friendly edge.

Proper Outdoor Cleaning Practices

Whether you are running a business or are just looking to create a safe home environment, proper cleaning practices are key. Construction materials are built tough to withstand the elements but they are still vulnerable to power tools like pressure washers. These high-powered machines are great for certain areas but can cause large-scale damage to others.

Pressure Washing: This method uses high-pressure sprays and is best suited for harder, more durable materials like concrete. Even a single treatment can wash away years of build-up and even dangerous, invasive growth like algae. Algae creates slippery surfaces, paving the way for dangerous slips and falls. Blast it away with a careful approach and the right technique.

Soft Washing: House washing means dealing with multiple construction materials with all sort of textures to contend with. Whether it is stucco, siding or just an aging area, low-flow sprays are able to treat these areas, leaving them looking better than ever. More than just visual appeal, digging deep into these areas means eliminating ground-in dirt, mildew and bacteria.