While many homeowners are quick to scrub countertops and flooring indoors, exterior spaces are often ignored. It is easy to take a day off from outdoor chores but the elements (and graffiti artists) are always working against you. More than looking its best, regular cleaning creates and maintains a safe space for residents, visitors and customers.

Safety: In a controlled environment, moss and greenery can lend a rustic charm to properties but if left to run wild, it creates a dangerous environment. In order to thrive, plant life needs water, which makes damp or humid climates ideal for algae growth. This unwanted growth not only leaves surfaces looking awful, but it creates a slip and fall hazard. As algae takes hold of paving stones and sidewalks, it makes surfaces slippery. The last thing that anyone wants is to take a step only to end up flat on their back. Keep visitors on their feet by blasting unwanted organics from surfaces.

Bacteria: One of the most important parts of exterior care is keeping bacteria at bay. Mold, mildew, rot, algae and even bird droppings all carry a huge number of germs and bacteria. Making the most out of warm weather means spending time outdoors, which means exposure to any germs that may have been left behind by animals or the elements. Decks and patios are particularly popular spots for backyard barbecues, so it is important to prevent any potential contamination. Natural disinfectants can be applied to horizontal surfaces, as well as vertical ones.

Looks: With every day that comes and goes, there are marks left behind. A bit of wind can deposit dust and debris into textures and complicated areas. Over time, this debris builds up, discoloring concrete, stucco and vinyl siding. From moss on the roof to mud on the ground, staining is always a bad look. Exterior spaces are the first impression that your property gives to the outside world – so make sure that it is a good one!

When your goal is to not only keep your property looking its best, but to maintain a clean environment, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Gorillas.