The weather can change in the blink of an eye, but you don’t have to be left snow-blind. With winter in full-swing across North America, it is more important than ever to come up with a game plan for your home or commercial property. Instead of risking muscle strains or frost-bite, let a local expert tackle your outdoor maintenance for you. 

Amateur snow removal and salting services can leave the door opened for serious injuries or even legal battles and fines. Professional services, however, can keep your pathways passable for tenants, guests, customers and anyone walking by. Put the shovel away and pick up the phone to call a Gorilla for your winter maintenance needs. 

The Advantages of Local Services 

Safety: snow and ice can cause injuries through slips and falls but removal itself can also be a health hazard. Choosing professional care means never having to lift a finger yourself, avoiding unnecessary strain and injury. Extreme temperatures and strenuous activity can cause serious injury or harm to elderly homeowners or those with existing health conditions. Even for those fitness enthusiasts, injuries are always a possibility. 

Speed: Snow removal can take anywhere from half an hour to an entire afternoon, depending on the size of your property. Someone who is experienced in snow removal and salting can cut this task in half. Learning how to properly use equipment, from salt spreaders to plows and even shovels makes a world of difference to both results and timeframes. 

Liability: Business owners are responsible for any and all accidents that happen on your property. Allowing snow to build up can only increase the risks associated with slips. This is an issue around residential properties but commercial spaces are under even more pressure. 

Avoid Damage: The wrong removal technique can not only leave slippery spaces or accumulation behind but it can also mean costly damage. A rough approach to removal can damage landscaping and structures, breaking decorations or digging up lawns and green spaces. 

The Gorilla Guarantee 

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured throughout services. This bit of added security means peace of mind for our clients and for our crews. With options for scheduled care and emergency call-outs, our clients are never left out in the cold. In addition to snow removal, salting can help to tackle those tricky, slippery areas, keeping guests and customers on their feet. 

Gorilla snow removal and salting services are not available at all locations. Call today to see if these treatments are offered in your region and get a free quote!