Starting a new business is exciting but it is not always easy and has its pros and cons. When it comes to starting a business one of the questions you need to answer is whether you want to start an independent business or buy a franchise business. There are many risks of starting your own business, especially if you are doing it for the first time.  One of the reasons why buying a franchise is the better and more successful way is that you do not need to go through the process alone. A franchise system gives you the advantage of having a training program, a team working alongside you, and a support system for the unknown.

Why to consider buying into a franchise?

  • A structured business model to follow. You don’t have to worry about creating and designing a business model to operate your business. It has already been built, and is provided to you as soon as you launch. All other important points to follow are also provided in the franchise agreements.
  • Brand recognition and awareness. A franchise is normally a well-known business that has national brand-name recognition, customer base, and brand loyalty. You don’t need to build your business from scratch. Marketing and graphic design materials are provided as well as support from a creative team.
  • Training, tools, and team support. When you buy a franchise, you receive all of the equipment, and instruction needed to start your business. Usually, ongoing training and team support is provided along the way.
  • Experience is not required.  The Franchisor provides you with all of the necessary training and tools you need. The franchisee has access to all the information and business assistance needed to succeed in the process of owning and operating a business.
  • Buying power. The franchise can benefit from collective buying power. The parent company or a network of franchises has an opportunity to buy tools and supplies at a big discount by buying in bulk. Whereas a small business owner you are paying more money per item because your orders are relatively small.

Consider us! Join Gorilla Property Services!

The cleaning and building maintenance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry where the demand for Gorilla Property Services is growing every day. We offer the top 7 services in the exterior property cleaning/maintenance industry: gutter cleaning, pressure & soft washing, graffiti removal, roof cleaning, window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, salting & snow clearing.

A Gorilla Property Services franchise can be started with initial investments of as little as $62K (franchise fee included). We provide two weeks training and ongoing support after it. With over 50+ offices in Canada and the US our brand is well-known, recognizable and reliable. Our business systems allow you to start small, with the ability to scale your business to multi-vehicles servicing both the commercial and residential customers.    

A franchise gives you the benefit of being your own boss without the risk of starting the business on your own. With the Gorilla Property Services, you get to create your own schedule and have autonomy over your career.

Timing is important!  Buy a franchise now, receive your training and get your first contract this spring!

Purchasing a franchise is a big decision and requires time and information to consider advantages and disadvantages and make the right choice. We are here to help you and answer all your questions. 

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