There are plenty of things to consider as Summer rolls into Fall, not the least of which is home maintenance.  In order to keep your property in good condition throughout the year, gutter cleaning is a must. The “why” of cleaning out gutters is obvious, but the “how” and “when” can be tricky. Instead of struggling to find answers and techniques, have a Gorilla handle your perimeter drains instead.

Cleaning Clogs & Busting Blockages

Why: A clear drainage system is vital to keeping homes and businesses running. Organic debris and cast-off falls from surrounding plant life and onto rooftops. It doesn’t take long for opened drains to fill up. This means that rain. snow melt and other moisture cannot pass through. Sitting water attracts bugs, puts additional weight on fixtures, and softens construction materials, meaning damage.

When: There is never a bad time to have a Gorilla take a look at your drainage system, but our experts are busiest during Fall months. Going into Winter with a clogged system means snow melt has nowhere to go. With more and more moisture being introduced into systems, there is a greater chance of water damage, leaks and mold.

What: Blockages and clogs are made up of mostly organics and will depend on what plant types are lining your property. The prime culprits are leaves and twigs but needles, seed pods and even pinecones can all become lodged into drains and downspouts.

Where: Gorillas can handle residential, commercial and strata properties. Gutters line roofing, so they can be difficult to reach. With the right tools, it is possible to reach these heights without the threat of slips and falls.

Choosing Local Service

Larger, more corporate property maintenance firms might advertise well but choosing local has its advantages. When going Gorilla for your property maintenance, clients can expect timely service and expert results. Our specialists love their work and want to show it off! Instead of leaving our clients in the dark, Gorillas provide digital before and after photos.